Herman Krieger, a documentary photographer in Eugene, has posted another photo essay on his site. This one's called Mall-aise and includes some extraordinary moments captured on film.

Just one example from the full essay, called Contemporary Packaging:


Check out the rest of Mall-aise. Be sure give each shot a moment; sometimes it can take a moment for the whimsy to set in.

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    How very boring. Dull. Just like a mall. I grew up as sort of a mallrat in New Jersey. Quakerbridge Mall. We used to hang out there and make fun of people and interact with them. Now, I steer clear.

    But ain't that America? I'm caught in the burbs in an office park right now. Had lunch watching an intersection. As Bill McKibbon put it so well last night "we are not a happy society". What we are selling ourselves, and corporations are selling us telling us it will make us happy is not true. Out here you really see it in action.


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