Assigning Portland's Bureaus

It may seem like all too much inside baseball, but the question of which Portland city commissioners oversee which bureaus is a critical one. Over at his blog, former BlueBlogger Isaac Laquedem is asking for suggestions for Mayor Potter, in a post entitled Help Mayor Potter assign the bureaux:

We're drawing close to the time when the Mayor should assign the City bureaux to the commissioners. Herewith my predictions for some of the assignments...

But what if the Mayor wants to shake things up a bit? He can accomplish more of what I think he wants to do by assigning bureaux more imaginatively. Picture this...

Head on over to Isaac Laquedem's place and find out his predictions and make some of your own.

It should be noted that Isaac Laquedem is a pseudonym. For all we know, Isaac is Mayor Potter.

[Editor's note: Comments closed. Go over there to discuss. You know the drill.]


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