Save the Republic!

From MoveOn PAC, comes this important message:

For 200 years, the Senators and the fair judges, were keepers of peace and justice in the republic until one Senator, seduced by a dark vision of absolute power, seeks to destroy this fabled order, replacing fair judges with far right clones...


Watch the TV ad, "Save the Republic".

Then, call Senator Gordon Smith at 1-877-SOB-U-SOB. Why?

This just in, from pro-life news site

A handful of Democrats and Republicans hoped to work out a last-minute deal to head off a filibuster rules change vote, but appeared to fail on Wednesday. They'll continue their efforts today. ...

Attempts to reach a deal were complicated when Oregon Republican Gordon Smith announced Wednesday he backed Frist's attempt to change the rules.

''I think to do otherwise has a chilling effect not only on the meaning of elections, but as to the intellectual vigor of the judicial branch of the government,'' Smith said.

Apparently, Senator Smith has abandoned his earlier pledge to exhaust all avenues for compromise before supporting Senator Frist.

  • ginseng (unverified)

    We need to call Smith on this pandering to the radical right. I sent the following message to his office today, and encourage others to let him know their feelings as well

    Senator Smith,

    It has recently been reported in the press that you intend to follow Senator Frist's lead and vote to do away with the use of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. As you know, the procedure for accomplishing this unprecedented move requires a finding by the Senate that the use of the filibuster is unconstitutional.

    As your constituent, I respectfully request that you identify the specific language in the U.S. Constitution that prohibits the use of the filibuster, which has been employed in the Senate for the better part of the past 200 years.

    Also, if it is true that you believe that the use of the filibuster is unconstitutional (as you must, if you are willing to vote to abolish it), do you condemn your colleagues and predecessors who have used filibusters, or do you condone their unconstitutional actions?

  • Gregor (unverified)

    And you guys jumped all over me when I asked, do we have any other candidates? Shoot! Do I know who? No. Y'all would know better then me. What about Plan B?

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    I sent this into the Oregonian, but it wasn't published:

    If there is anything more tiring than Senator Smith's voting against the best interests and wishes of Oregonians, it's his phony, cynical, and calculating explanations of his bad votes.

    Voting for the "nuclear option" to limit checks and balances and the rights of the minority is not a vote of "conscience." It is a political vote that sacrifices over 200 years of Senate tradition for the short term goals of an increasingly power hungry Republican leadership. Smith is caving to beltway political pressure, not his inner voice.

    Oregonians understand that our democracy works best when no one party holds absolute power. But Senator Smith is voting to put the best interest of his political party ahead of the best interests of the country, and is chosing partisanship over statesmanship. If he were truly voting his conscience, he'd join with other Republican moderates to reject this GOP power grab.

    Gregor: I am not aware of the exchange you've been referencing, but I have little doubt there will be a viable challenger for whom you can volunteer for in 08.

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    Also, ginseng, while I share your sentiment, Smith isn't pandering to the radical right, HE IS THE RADICAL RIGHT.

    And now my blueoregon brothers and sisters, I am now off to New York to work out the politcal angst Smith has caused me on the Nassau County GOP. Will send sporadic dispatches.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Cool poster! I wonder if W will hang it in his private study while he spends two hours a day playing video games? All work and no play makes POTUS a dull boy.

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    vis the "who's going to run against Smith in '08" question that Kari also got asked this AM on KPOJ. We should start figuring out the answer to that one - if just to start building some name recognition. I think the answer "there are many credible candidates..." really doesn't do anything for us. And the sooner we start focusing on one or more candidates, the more pressure Smith will have on his self to start moderating his votes. IMHO

  • Gregor (unverified)

    Charlie, I'll be there!!!

  • afs (unverified)

    How do you handle right-wing extremists standing in a Star Wars line with you? Try this...

    "I went to the 12:21 AM showing of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith last night. I got there about 11:00 PM and stood in a long line with people of varying ages and walks of life. I met up with a friend who is on mid-tour leave from Iraq, and we hung out together while waiting for the film to begin.... A gentleman of about mid-twenties or so was holding forth on the 'war on terror,' democrats, Jane Fonda, and so on. His listeners appeared to be the same age range as he. "We need to kick these raghead murderers out of the country...kill them wherever we find them...expand Israel all the way to the persian gulf and make Saudi Arabia a subsidiary of Exxon..." His listeners, two of whom were wearing 'OU Young Republicans' t-shirts, were nodding their heads and making generally approving comments. My friend just shook his head and muttered, loud enough for them to hear "fucking ignorant assholes."..."

    "..."The guy turned to us and said "I suppose you 'liberals' think we ought to just let the Arabs take over our country and kill all the adults and convert our children to muslim (sic) huh?" Richie--"Not likely in any event, but we don't have an army worth the name anymore, thanks your lord Bush. I'm halfway through a tour over there and I don't see any way we can prevent a civil war, let alone win anything but what do I know? Back here in the land of SUVs and roses, you have a clearer picture don't you?" (I had always thought Richie was a republican--what's up with this?) One of the others said something to the effect that Richie was full of shit, which he countered by producing his leave form and ID card from his wallet. "We're winning. Why else would the insurgents do these large attacks that they know they can't win? It's frustration, or make sure they stay in the news. Things are getting better there all the time, but you probably can't see it at your level." "If we're winning, how come the insurgents are even able to stage these large attacks? If we had that level of control, they wouldn't have any safe assembly areas from which to attack us in any numbers. All we can do is react to them, which means they have the initiative. That's bad," I said. "They're attacking mainly Iraqis now," said one. "They're afraid to come out and fight us" she said. "Three things," said Richie, "one, attacking Iraqis is a great way to start a civil war-that's a lovely thought-a three-way civil war with us in the middle, and two," he said, "they're attacking us more than enough as it is, thank you, and three," he asked, "are you in the military?" "No, but I support the troops and our Commander in Chief," she replied. "Then what's this 'WE' shit? It's not your ass over there getting IED'ed and RPG'ed and shot at and mortared, so who the fuck are you to talk about 'we'?" "Come on, I'm sure the young republicans here all have yellow ribbon magnets on the SUVs their daddies bought them-go easy, man. They support us," I said. (One could, in fact, hear the italics in my voice.) "He's been there, and got the t-shirt," Richie said, making a twirling motion with his finger to me. I turned around so they could see the image on the back of my shirt. "Well, with attitudes like yours, we won't win," one of them said. "Then why don't you join up so you can go over there and show us how it's done?" asked Richie. They looked away. "That's what I thought," he said, "so why don't you all shut your fucking yaps since you don't even believe in your own shit enough to stand up for it?""

    Complete story at...

  • Gregor (unverified)

    AFS - Tell your soldier friend, thank you. And while I might not go to Iraq and fight, but if I was at that movie, I would have his back.

    UO Young Republicans making noises in the crowd? Why don't they just wear arm bands with "W" on them?

    Thank your friend for fighting the good fight here. We need our soldiers home so the dishonorable deeds of the Reich will not go unchallenged. More of us should stand up and make noise in the crowd about the lies. It won't happen in the pmedia unless your listening to Air America.

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    This is from the Multnomah County Democrats Blog.


    Inspired by Daily Kos bloggers David Boyles and randym77's brilliant idea and initial work, local Multnomah County Democratic volunteer Mitch Gore took it upon himself to revamp it a little.

    He reworked their original rough image into a new one so it had more of the feel of the official movie poster, with the intent to flyer the local crowds at the Star Wars premier to raise awareness about the power grab by the GOP in the U.S. Senate, and to promote the local party and our website.

    On Wednesday night, he printed up 800 of these (which took an hour and half), and cut each print in half as they were printed two to a page on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. He then called some other party activists and ended up arranging to meet Gavin White at the MAX station right across from one of the Lloyd Center theaters, and they hit the lines of people camped out for the midnight show, handing them out for free...

    The mini-posters had people scrambling and begging to get one, they even had people asking for multiple copies so they could give to friends coworkers and family.

    All they had to do was just walk down the line yelling "Sith Happens!!!... Save the Republic!!! get your free Sith Happens mini-poster!"

    After the entire line was handed a mini-poster, a quick hop onto the MAX for a ride through the fare-less square downtown to the Broadway KOIN tower theaters, then handing them out to everyone camped out in those lines as well, with the same reaction, everyone grabbing one, some multiples to give to friends and family.

    The flyers also had a brief run down on the back about the filibuster and the nuclear option, and call to action to contact our Gordon Smith and urge him to oppose the nuclear option. At the bottom it also hyped this website with a "For more information go to...".

    Needless to say, it was an easy thing to do, and was a smashing success. Be sure to get your free downloadable PDF file (1.34 MB), so you can print copies and hit the movie-going crowd, the nearest grocery store parking lot, or anywhere else that people might be accessible to getting one of these.

    It is easy to do, and we encourage anyone to do this.


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