The House Democrats: Up close and personal

Progressive leaders are starting to get it: Blogs help organize people into a community of shared interests, values, and goals. They can also provide a direct pipeline of ideas from citizens to leaders and back.

Now, the Oregon House Democrats have launched their own blog to tell you what they think, and more importantly - to hear directly from you.

From the opening post by Jeff Merkley, the Democrat's Leader:

In today’s hot political climate, information is everything. But it’s not enough simply to read newspapers, magazines and websites, or to watch cable news. Legislators need a way to participate in a no-holds-barred exchange of ideas, opinions and views on a 24/7 basis. And the people need a way to make their voices heard. That’s what this blog provides, and it’s open to everyone who has a view to express.

The 27 members of the Oregon House Democratic Caucus believe in an open government. Unfortunately, the rush of legislative business, as well as the limitations of space and time, prevents many people from communicating directly with legislators. This new blog enables any interested person to see the positions taken by House Democrats and to comment on them. It will provide the constant flow of information that legislators need to respond to constituents’ concerns.

Check it out. Dive in.

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[Editor's Note II: Disclaimer - the House Democrats blog was produced by Mandate Media, the same company that publishes BlueOregon.]


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