The Iraqi & Bushwinkle Show

By Mark Lysgaard of Portland, Oregon. Mark is a partner in Working Artists Studio where he is a political cartoonist and artist. He also teaches political cartooning.


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    Let's make this clear...

    The US invasion of Iraq is a complete failure in every aspect including looking at it from the viewpoint of an oil company CEO. Yeah, I know... record profits yadda yadda... with Bush as President the oil company CEOs didn't need an excuse to blast gas prices through the roof. If it hadn't been the invasion, it would have been something else.

    And as far as Iraqi oil goes, attempting to snatch that has been a complete disaster. Just about every single piece of oil production equipment that's has enough surface area to attach a bomb to has been "blowd-up." It's all either in flames or smoldering wreckage. The pipelines. The derricks. The refineries. Just puddles of molten slag and toxic fumes.

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    Ayup. AFS you're dead on the money on this one, and Big Oil never supported the invasion in the first place (just as they don't support drilling in ANWAR as most of them doubt that there's enough oil there to make it worth their while). The support services crowd did though, and they're the only ones making money in the current Iraqi environment.


    If the Dems got the Huse and Senate tomorrow, there's zero evidence that they'd actually go after the Incumbents in any meaningful way. After all, the only politician that's actually addressed what's been going on for the last five years of US foreign policy is the British socialist, Galloway.

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    <h2>Cool Cartoon! Donald Rumsfeld as Commander McBragg?</h2>
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