Alternative School Funding Plans

Over at the Oregon House Democrats' blog, State Rep. Larry Galizio - who recently contributed The Minnis Plan for Schools: Not Good Enough here at BlueOregon - has followed up with a piece describing an alternative school funding plan:

Despite media claims that the Minnis scheme is the only K-12 school funding proposal that's been offered, there have been a whole host of viable policy proposals offered this session by Oregon House Democrats. Unfortunately, the Republican-controlled House leadership decides which bills receive hearings and which won't. More than one viable school funding plan sits in the dark in Salem - never to see the light of day; at least not in this session.

HB 3498, a bill co-sponsored by 22 House Democrats, which currently sits in the House Revenue Committee, is illustrative of the Democratic school funding alternatives that have been crafted.

Get the details about real stable schools funding from Rep. Larry Galizio (D-Tigard). Discuss over there.


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