Fed up with the legislature

Over at The View From Hillsboro, blogger Marcello is annoyed and fed up.

So what is my opinion of the accomplishment of the 2005 legislature on education?

I am extremely disappointed. The bitter discussion over the budget rerailed any discussion on other substantial bills on education. ...

What really bothers me is that none of the structural issues with school funding got fixed. The state still has a revenue issue. Measure 5 and measure 50 are still killing us, businesses (mine included) are still not paying their fair share. Health care costs and PERS are still out of control, increasing in double digit every year, and taking money away from the classrooms. And the idea of letting growing districts like Hillsboro fund the building of new schools with system development charges did not get very far.

I think it is time to stop looking at Salem for solutions. It is time to come up with a reasonable plan for quality schools, and put it on the November 2006 ballot.

Read the rest of "Wasting time in Salem" and discuss over there.


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