Protest? What Protest?

Over at The Grumpy Forester, central Oregon blogger Jack K. asks an interesting question:

Twenty-four-year-old Anthony Villagomez has decided to make a bold, provocative statement in opposition to Bush's forest management policies by taking up a long-term perch in a towering Douglas fir in scenic downtown Hood River, Oregon. Unfortunately, there's a hitch. It appears that nobody really cares, and in particular the city police of Hood River don't particularly care .... it's a twisted take on the old puzzler about falling trees: if a protester crawls up into a tree in protest and nobody is there to hear it, did he really protest anything?

Check it out and discuss at The Grumpy Forester.

[Editor's note: Yup, comments are closed. Take the chatter over to Jack K's blog on this one.]


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