Sam Adams Starts Blogging

SamadamsPortland City Commissioner Sam Adams is now blogging. Or, more accurately, everyone on his staff has joined Commissioner Sam in blogging every turn and every twist in their City Hall adventures.

From the announcement:

"My goal is to create the most expansive blog-oriented site of any elected official," Adams said. " gives Portlanders' another avenue for direct interaction with my office. My hope is that with this site, I can increase participation in our city's government-one of my top priorities."

Featuring up-to-date reports from Adams and his staff, gives visitors the opportunity to read what Portlanders are saying and post their comments in real time. For Adams, the accountability and discourse that the site fosters is essential.

"My blog provides visitors the opportunity to follow my office and report back to me," Adams said. "If they like what I'm doing, are unhappy about policy, or have a suggestion, they can comment at the site and instantly let me know how I'm doing. In turn, I can write back. That's why this is a great tool for dialogue."

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    Sam does it right -- he includes a personal touch with the entry about mowing his lawn, and getting paid to mow someone else's lawn.

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    I was wondering when the official word was finally going to come out.

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    What is the deal with the blog comments being posted backwards? Sure, I get it - newest on top makes logical sense (just like the posts themselves), but that's not how comments work ON EVERY OTHER BLOG EVERYWHERE. C'mon Sam... when there's de facto standard, roll with it.

  • glenlivid (unverified)

    Whew! Thank god he opposed Wal-Mart, because, without him, they would have just built the damn thing!

    I don't mean to get off on the wrong foot with Sam, but don't act like your stopping something that the people would never let happen. K?

  • Jim Dixon (unverified)

    "What is the deal with the blog comments being posted backwards? "

    This is bugging me, too.

  • Jesse (unverified)

    "What is the deal with the blog comments being posted backwards? "

    Sorry about that y'all. We fixed it.


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