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Over at Willamette Week, they're running the annual Best of Portland reader survey - open to all residents of Oregon and SW Washington.

Buried deep in the survey - at question #79 - there's the question of Best Local Blog.

Your choices:,, One True B!x, Oregonian Public Editor, Portland Media Insider, and Commissioner Sam Adams.

Right after best blog, there are choices for best local State Rep, State Senator, City Commissioner, County Commissioner, and nonprofit agency.

Of course, that's all after a bit of a slog through Best Hangover Breakfast, Best Lap Dance, Best Doggie Daycare, Best Clothing for Hip Chicks, and much more...

Vote early. Vote often. (OK, not often, but vote today.)

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    You got my vote. But I see elsewhere in the paper that Portland Communique is hanging it up. And where was Alas, a Blog?

    Elsewhere in that poll, I was completely baffled by so many choices of places I don't visit at all. So I guessed wildly for a few, with the panache of a Portland socialite, with money aplenty to blow.

    Good luck. You deserve to win. But half of those categories were lamer than a duck named Bush.

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    The hanging it up is up in the air, but continues to be a possibility.

    Nonetheless, as I noted in my own post about the Best Ofs, I won both the paper's and the readers' last year, so I won't be heartbroken if the readers' poll goes to someone else.

    (Not that "two years running!" wouldn't be a nice promotional thing, heh.)

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    Sorry, I would have voted for but I couldn't get past page one. What a senseless stupid waste of time. Best shoe store for the fashionistas? I can't think of a less important way to spend my time.

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    you don't have to answer all of them, you can just click through to the questions you want to answer. at least nothing barked at me for not answering some of them. just fyi :-)

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    You don't have to answer all of them, but note that the opening tells you that you have to have voted for a certain minimum number (or maybe percentage, I don't remember) in order for oyur votes to count at all.

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    i voted nearly randomly. what a silly site.

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