Quotes from the Red Queen Karen

Gayrightswatch_minnisOver at Gay Rights Watch, Bryan Harding has uncovered this brilliant quote - from around the time that Multnomah County legalized gay marriages:

I think they circumvented due process. They made a decision and went forward with it without any public hearings, without any review by the state legislature who sets state policy and without consulting the citizens of Oregon.

...and then from the Measure 36 voters' pamphlet:

Process subverted. They didn't hold any public hearings. They didn't give any advanced warning. Their actions were arrogant and wrong. The Multnomah County Commission purposefully subverted the public process. - Speaker of the House Karen Minnis

Gee, Karen, looks like you've gone and done just that yourself. Check out the rest of Bryan's rant over at Gay Rights Watch.


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