A progressive plan for Iraq

So, there's been plenty of criticism of the Bush Administration's strategy and execution in Iraq - but of course, we can't un-invade Iraq now. The question must be: If progressives were in charge right now, what would we do going forward?

Over at PERRspectives, BlueOregon contributor Jon Perr offers his own 10-point plan for Iraq.

Salvaging Iraq, I believe, will be difficult, but not impossible. To win back the confidence both of the American people and the international community, we must be frank about past mistakes. More importantly, to have any hope of "winning" in Iraq, the United States must be crystal clear about the conflict's objectives and brutally honest about the sacrifices required. Short of that, the American effort in Iraq is doomed - it will only be a question of when.

Head on over to PERRspectives and check it out.


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