Could Cedar Hills become Niketown USA?

Pseudonymous blogger Isaac Laquedem digs in to the legislation that bars Beaverton from incorporating the area that includes the Nike corporate campus. And finds the loophole:

The problem, however, if you're Nike, is that Nike didn't think of everything. Just to the east and north of Nike's campus is the neighborhood of Cedar Hills, with its fiercely active neighborhood association that has kept it out of Beaverton, and proudly unincorporated, since it was developed 50 years ago. ...

But suppose Cedar Hills wanted to incorporate as a separate city? ...

The Cedar Hills homeowners could petition to hold an incorporation election, include Nike in the city's boundaries, and get (by my figuring) about 70% of the new city's tax revenues from Nike. Wanna build a park? Hold a bond election; if it passes, Nike pays 70%. Wanna build a gym? Hold a bond election; Nike pays 70%. Wanna give economic incentives to Reebok? Hold a bond election; Nike pays 70%.

Check it out and discuss over there.


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