GOP Cannibalism

Over at NW Republican, right-wing blogger Coyote is pissed.

OK time to vent... I can't wait until we get a Republican President. ...

I have really come to expect low returns from GW Bush. Oh he talks a great game... his actions are really really poor.

I am really getting tired of the talk from this administration. It seems that every large task is met with tough talk. Oh and some spending.

And it's not just him, he's got friends:

Then when President Bush is giving his very important speech in NOLA I hear from one of the sweetest young Republican mothers in the world, "turn that channel, I'm tired of hearing his voice!" Oh? Oh my...

And that's just the start of his 1100 word rant. Check it out. 2006 is going to be fun.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    How low has W sunk?

    His close personal friends (whom I worked with on Capitol Hill with 41) are very concerned he is DRINKING again, which is very normal for 30-year hard-core alcoholics who quit without being in a program.

    I can't really blame W. The daily stress (Hello, Rita!) and 60-percent drop in polls, to a sub-Nixonian level, has gotta hurt.

  • Jeff Bull (unverified)

    Wow. Coyote produced one hell of a rant - even if it doesn't make sense from top to toe.

    W's eating his party alive. From time to time, I harp on this theme where I do my business (it's at the bottom and, notably, in response to something Coyote wrote) - though until Katrina, the lament was usually, "HELLO, Conservatives?! George Bush daily betrays major, fundamental ideals of your ideology? Is there, y'know, anytime you're going to call him on it?"

    While it's refreshing to see Coyote - along with, apparently, Laura Ingraham, Bob "What's That in Your Back" Novak, and Peggy "Platitdudes" Noonan - stand up and say, "Hell, no!", the ugly underbelly of that reaction is what they fault him for: not drilling in ANWR; failing to apppoint sufficiently conservative judges, etc.

    Not everything W talks about keeps me up at night. But the stuff that does? That's what a fair number of the "conservative first, Republican second" conservatives are plumping for. That's what we libs/progs/libertarians need to keep in their heads as we anticipate W's collapse.

    Overall, though, I'm happy with where the GOP is going in the wake of Katrina. So far as I'm concerned, W's basic incompetence in governing should offend folks across the political spectrum. That's the strike against him.


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