Isn't David Reinhard dreamy?

Davidreinhard2There's a new blog in town, folks - and we've added it to the BlogWire. It's entitled Down With Reinhard and it's all about everyone's favorite at the Oregonian... the right-wing cut-and-paster David Reinhard.

From today's post entitled "Isn't John Roberts Dreamy?":

Conservative apologist David Reinhard, in his 9/18 article in Sunday's Oregonian, does everything but wax poetic on the light beaming from John Roberts' eyes. Reinhard does not take a real look at Roberts, or at the confirmation hearings. He parrots a few dittoes heard often on Fox News, throws in a few quotes, and voila! An article. ...

Why doesn't the Oregonian just run a weekly list of Fox News headlines, and save on the salary? Better yet, they can just print the latest RNC talking points verbatim. It would save Reinhard the trouble of trying to form coherent sentences.

Head on over and check it out. And watch for the headlines on the BlogWire.

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