Katrina Relief: what you can do

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OK, folks, we're all now turning to the question: what can we do to help besides money?

Money is certainly still important - and the Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief effort that started here at BlueOregon is moving fast ($160,000 and growing) - but now it's time to volunteer.

Locally, there's a new group that just cropped up - Katrina Housing Northwest - that is looking for places to house displaced families for 4-6 months while they get reorganized.

We are looking for homeowners in Oregon and Washington who are able to provide immediate housing to families for 4-6 months. We are also looking for transportation from the disaster area to Seattle and Portland, where we hope to unite those in need with those of us who are able to help.

Use the comments here to suggest other ways that folks can help make a difference, besides giving money.

  • Betsy (unverified)

    I posted a whole list of opportunities to help over on PDX MetBlogs last night - I'll be updating and augmenting this list as I continue to scan media sources/collect news from those in the know.

    There are options to channel goods and services through the newly announced Welcome Oregon Donations Center (with a dropoff warehouse in Tigard); information about the new Welcome Oregon hotline; and news about the efforts by Oregon's Democratic Party to help assemble care boxes (for use either locally or nationally.)

    And I'll note this: The Salvation Army isn't actually taking direct donations of goods that'll go directly to Katrina refugees here in PDX (or elsewhere.) Instead, refugees will be allowed to shop free at Salvation Army stores in the area, while everything you donate will be channeled into the stores for sale (this per a KOIN report yesterday quoting a Salvation Army spokesperson - I've linked to it in the MetBlogs post referenced above.)

  • Peter Bray (unverified)

    One good idea: don't bypass existing land-use planning and other ordinances before you relocate 1000s of refugees in an otherwise low-density SE Portland neighbourhood.

  • Mac Diva (unverified)

    Ironic, Keri. The last time I was here you were driving away the only African-American on the site. If hypocrisy were a crime. . . .

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