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Hurricane1_1Yesterday, I put up a little campaign to raise $500 from BlueOregon readers for hurricane relief. Today, I realized that there's no reason that the campaign can't go national.

With a little help from my friends at the Liberal Blog Ad Network, BlogAds, and DropCash, we're announcing a nationwide campaign in the liberal blogosphere. Details over at my personal blog,

The goal: One million dollars for hurricane relief, all donated to the American Red Cross. Donate here.

The Liberal Blog Ad Network (of which BlueOregon is a member) is donating all the ad space for the campaign. In the next two weeks, our ad will be seen over 25 million times on those blogs.

Of course, we invite all progressive bloggers to participate in our community-wide campaign. So, if you have a blog, please download the HTML and post the ad on your site.

You can be certain that your contribution will be secure, for a good cause, and people will know it came from the liberal blogosphere.

Thank you. Together, we can do this.

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    Oh, and if you were one of the folks who contributed to the small BlueOregon-only campaign - we're working on getting your contribution credited to this million-dollar campaign.

    Whether we're able to do that or not, rest assured that your money is on its way to the Red Cross.

  • stellalafayette (unverified)

    do you know of any organizations that are matching red cross donations?

  • ron ledbury (unverified)

    Kari . . . you are not alone in the frenzy of every stripe of human to link themselves to the desire to aid victims.

    About the only group left out are the looters.

    I wonder if there is a blog title out there in the wilderness that could read:

    Looters Blogosphere for Looters Relief: A guide to self-help.

    I wonder how many looters made a calculated decision to brave the flooding in anticipation of taking advantage of the opportunity. It is sad that the number of poor people is so high.

    I believe there is a correlation between the measure of aid and the perceived need to loot by the looters, and also to the risk that law enforcement folks might start plugging people for crimes to property rather than crimes of violence.

    Will your aid target the least fortunate among us? The looters?

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    The right-wing obsession with the looters is bizarre. It's almost like they're blaming the people who were unable to find transportation (or were too sick to leave home) for the hurricane and the flood.

    As for the Right-wing Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief, I understand that there's someone organizing such a thing. It won't be me, just because I don't know any of those guys. If I did, I would.

  • Colin D (unverified)

    "The right-wing obsession with the looters is bizarre."

    You just can't help yourself can you? "Right wing obsession"??? "Bizarre"?


    How about "The left wing obsession with trying to figure out why they hate us"?

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    "right wing obsession"... Have you been watching Fox News? I have. O'Reilly won't shut up about the looters.

  • ron ledbury (unverified)

    Suppose I called looting the poor man's conceptual equivalent to the monopolist's extraction of Economic Rent, both of which prove that Laissez Faire does not work. I do not need to say it is wrong or right, morally, I need only say it is generally harmful. Which, do you suppose, causes more financial harm? The sight of cops with guns to protect property is rather odd, when superimposed against a vision of government sponsored consolidation of banks and such.

    Please don't slander the word liberal through overuse for stuff where it has no meaning other than as a childish distraction.

    Point your whip over toward the credit card looters and mortgage looters who want to create virtual slaves of us all. You cock and shoot far too fast for my taste, as if you were playing a video game.

  • bbishop (unverified)

    How about moving some of the victims the barracks on closed military bases.

    mess hall barracks, showers etc

  • Rorovitz (unverified)

    Why is there so little federal aid to these people who are dying? Is it because we have no national guard or military capacity left in this country? If the Humvees were here couldn't they drive in water and drive out people?

    If the story comes out that lack of capacity due to the war is the reason people died, I say those who lied us into this war and left these people to die should be tried for treason.

    There is no reason this horror should be allowed in this country.

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    FACT: There are 8000 National Guard troops from Louisiana and Mississippi currently stationed in Iraq.

  • Sarah Sanders (unverified)

    I searched for a place I could donate via paypal funds-Im so glad you had this set up- im sure everyone would like to help, in any way they can. I will pass this along. I am in shock and disbelief to find the word "Looters" any where in the coverage of these poor people, victims of a natural disaster, trying to get orange pop to sustain themselves and diapers for their infants. Who cares if shoes and clothes are missing from a store. These people are fighting for there lives.

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    Damn thing didn't like my WAMU visa; had to drop my $50 via Amex Blue.

  • wilderness fox (unverified)

    "FACT: There are 8000 National Guard troops from Louisiana and Mississippi currently stationed in Iraq."

    Fact: This represents less than 30% of the total active troops in Louisiana, and that is probably more or less the same for Mississippi. The National Guard units that have been mobilized for active duty in Iraq are for the most part heavily armored combat units, not the more lightly armed military police and search and rescue units that are the primary source for domestic disaster support.

    Units from Arkansas were ready and waiting to help, but were denied by Governor Blanco of Louisiana.


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