Oregon Politics and Government (a book review)

Jesse Cornett

Recently I heard Oregon Politics and Government, edited by (among others) Professor Richard Clucas from Portland State University, had been released. I've known for years this book was coming down the pike, and was excited to hear of its release (if that isn't telling about my life...).

OPG includes chapters on media, co-authored by Russ Dondero, Bill Lunch and Jim Moore. Melody Rose writes about social policy, Richard Clucas on the legislature, and Doug Morgan writes about bureacracy (these three professors cover portions of both my undergraduate and graduate studies at PSU). Other chapters cover many other facets of Oregon government structures, while the final chapters cover issues of the day, including health, environment and education policy. The last chapter even dares to make a prediction about the future nature of politics and government in Oregon.

Ar first, I wasn't impressed by the book's assertion that Oregon has long had a schism between what it calls progressives and populist conservatives. As the book progressed, I found the many authors made compelling arguments that made this view a worthwhile perspective (and, besides, a unifying theme was needed). If your interest is politics and government in Oregon, pick up a copy of this book. Knowing a little history of the little political world in which we live is a very good thing.

And, when you do read it, come back here and discuss!

  • adam petkun (unverified)

    any idea if it has been updated much since i got the version i used in class during fall 02?

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    Are you referring to Government & Politics in Oregon: A Selected Guide to Information Sources by Robert Harmon or some other similar titled book?

    The book that I just read was only first released this July, according to every bit of information that can be found about it. It's not a 2nd edition or anything.

  • adam petkun (unverified)

    this is definitely the same book - i have a yellow "fresh out of the copy shop" version with a bold warning on the cover telling me not to reproduce, cite, etc as it was still in the editing phase.

    anywho, does it do a good job of analyzing post 2002 oregon politics/gov't?

  • Aaron (unverified)

    Hmm another book to read this summer..Jesse thanks for the heads up on the book.

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