Georgie-porgy kissed the girls?

T.A. Barnhart

First it was Condi, now it's Harriet.  What is it about Dubya and his babes?

Last year, at some point during the campaign, Condoleeza Rice referred to the president as "my husband."  It was a slip of the tongue, and she cut it short, but not short enough.  We heard it clearly enough.

And now we have Harriest Miers acting like a silly schoolgirl, giggle giggle, oh George you're sooooo cool!  I wish we could go steady.  But George, of course, is "with" Laura, so he's hands off.  Right?

Well, do we know this?  If he really is "hands off," if the women who are close to him know he's Laura's boy, wouldn't we see a bit more professionalism and less gushing?  But if these two (and god knows they are simply the most visible; how many others are there sending him crush notes, hee hee Karl make sure George get this puhleeeeze?) are still carrying flames for the Leader of the Free World, maybe there's something going on here.

Something Clintonesque.

One thing we know about human behavior:  People often deny and decry most loudly those sins and faults with which they themselves are afflicted.  Pots call the kettle black, only to be shown their own cooking stains in a mirror.  The Bushies have enjoyed yelling loud and long about how immoral Clinton was, but perhaps they were trying to distract us from more than lies about stolen elections, Iraq, and gross incompetence.  Maybe their leader, the Boy Who Lived (Ineptly), is no different than Satan's kid brother Bill. 

Maybe Condi was being literal when her tongue slipped.

We know George W Bush has no moral fiber whatsoever; he is perfectly happy to let thousands die so he and his pals can reap billions.  He has no qualms about running a corrupt government just so he can be the Big Man.  He has no fear of God's judgment after a lifetime of using the Lord's name in vain.  Why shouldn't we believe he's screwing around on his wife?  Sure it's only a rumor, and I'm starting it, but the man has the ethics of a dog turd. 

Harriet has some reason for adoring him like a rock star.  Maybe Dubya enjoys his groupies.

  • JTT (unverified)

    As a Democrat and a liberal, I find this to be a disgusting post. Most irrational and slanderous. Criticize the President on the issues and his beliefs and his actions as much as you want, but not on made up rumours, hypotheses and lies. Isn't there enough to criticize? I'm sorry to even dignify this with a response.

  • engineer (unverified)

    I agree JTT-this is an awful post!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky (unverified)

    I, too, find this an awful post - juvenile, in fact. I remember hearing similar rumors about me and my former boss. I can't tell you how horrifying - even mortifying - that was. How do you address something like that without raising further suspicion? Is that a fair thing to do to a woman, demeaning her reputation that way and returning her in the public eye to nothing more than a mindless sex toy? What does this kind of thinking reveal about a person's view of women? How jaded do you have to be to believe it's all about sex and that people can't be more than f***ing animals? Is it so difficult to believe that women might actually deserve the professional positions they have and not have to sleep with someone to get them? Don't men ever admire their bosses? Does that mean they want to have sex with them? After some of your more insightful and delightful posts, I'm actually quite shocked to read this bit of tripe.

  • (Show?)

    i am shocked 3 people exist that would take what i wrote seriously! i would not have been shocked (or upset) if you thought the writing sucked, or that i do humor badly; but to think i am seriously accusing bush & condi of an affair.... wtf!]

    get a grip. the great thing about blogs, just like tv: you simply ignore the ones you don't like. as most people did, seeing that i usually get 10 times the number of comments. if i had been serious, of course, i would have demanded ken starr get involved. that is the way the founding fathers wanted us to handle the private lives of our presidents.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Ol Harry has been a lawyer for nearly 40 years and the only paper trail she's left behind are some mash notes on cheapy holiday cards?

    Yup, W and the girlz are drinking early.


  • (Show?)

    thank goodness, sid; somebody who gets it!

    "drinking early" -- i love it.

  • Vernon111 (unverified)

    Don't worry TA, there's still plenty of us here that think your writing sucks and that you do humor badly.

    Yet, as painful as it may be, at least we live someplace where you're free to do it. So that's a silver lining, I guess.

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