RIP, PDX Media Insider

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PDX Media Insider is dead.

After months of anonymous fist-fighting in the comments, the anonymous author has finally given it up. Apparently, he or she is 'no longer a "Portland Media Insider"'. Whether this means that the Insider was fired for blogging, laid off in the usual way, or just retired, is unclear.

What is clear is that there's a tremendous audience for media criticism around here. Sure, there's the most-excellent Anti David Reinhard blog, but what we really need is a serious, thoughtful, media critic that covers the full range of print, TV, and radio.

It doesn't need to be an "insider" - since most of us don't care about the gossip. It's the product that matters, the printed page, the broadcast video, the spoken word...

Who wants to step up and be a media critic?

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    if this was to become OREGON media insider, it might stand a better chance of having legs. focusing on pdx limits the opportunities for people to get involved in the conversation. we certainly need to talk about local papers here in the corvallis area; we got zero information about kelley wirth, for example, from the gazette-times and albany "democrat"-herald. yet a majority of the letters the GT prints are liberal/left/progressive/democrat (my letters seem to get printed automatically, but then again i write a good lte!)

    OMI -- how about it? (i know lynn is going to miss pmi -- maybe she'd help with omi......)

  • Lynn Siprelle (unverified)

    I'm willing to put my mad web skillz and server space to use to do a PMI-type site and front for any anonymous insider folks who might want to contribute. I'm a former insider and I confess I'm a terrible fan of industry gossip, but can't contribute much contact beyond snark. :) If anyone's interested, contact me.

  • Lynn Siprelle (unverified)

    conTENT! I can't contribute much conTENT! eesh.

  • Sara Y (unverified)

    Someone started a forum at

  • Lynn Siprelle (unverified)

    Oregon Media Insiders is live (though not pretty) at

    Statewide media news, gossip and discussion. Hopefully.

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