The Battle at Willamette

Why is Lars Larson attacking Willamette University? Over at Gay Rights Watch, they've got the story:

[In the school's paper, Willamette student and president of Oregon College Republicans John] Swanson continues his illogical rant on school spirit by criticizing the University's support (or complicity) for a show of "offensive, perverse art". The four-piece exhibit features depictions of homosexual couples in embrace (non-sexual) juxtaposed to the text of four anti-gay pieces of legislation (DOMA, Oregon's Measure 36, California's Prop 22, etc.) with connoting Christian religious references. Apparently, Mr. Swanson's education hasn't included art history, civil rights (though he claims to be a political science major) or metaphors, irony, or... juxtaposition for that matter.

In the following issue of the school paper, numerous students, professors, and parents spoke out here, here, here and here against the bigoted opinion piece (for which he was undoubtedly paid and which was removed from the website). The paper apologized for printing it. There has been no retraction or apology from Mr. Swanson. ...

This week Lars Larson brought the story to air on his radio program (prompted by a call from Mr. Swanson). Lars tried to attack the people in the art itself. Now it's personal and even more sleazy than before.

Read the rest, including links to some of the "offensive" art, over at Gay Rights Watch.


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