Alito's Smoking Gun

The documents are out. You know, the ones that the White House doesn't want the public to see. Oregon blog Zeros and Ones has an excellent round-up:

A letter written by Alito (an assistant in the Solicitor General’s office at the time) to then Attorney General Ed Meese, back in 1985 - just five years before his appointment as a federal judge - has been uncovered and it discloses Alito’s personal and legal opinions on a number of contentious topics such as abortion and civil rights. ...
Alito may “respect” Roe v. Wade, much like one might respect a poisonous spider found on the floor of your bedroom - but he would kill it just as quickly...
To me this is a line in the sand - Democratic senators may or may not be able to stop Alito’s appointment, but if they fail to even oppose him then they have abdicated their duty to protect the judiciary from usurpation by the executive branch.

Head on over to Zeros and Ones to read the rest and discuss over there.


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