Jim Feldkamp: On the Shoulders of Giants

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Feldkamp_and_friendsWhoo baby.

The hits just keep on coming for Jim Feldkamp - who lost to Peter DeFazio in '04 and plans to run again in '06.

Digging in over at OpenSecrets.org, I discovered tonight that Jim Feldkamp took a $1000 contribution from the American Prosperity PAC. So what? Well, that's the "leadership" PAC for Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Yeah, the same Duke Cunningham that pled guilty and admitted taking $2.4 million in bribes from a defense contractor. (And yes, that defense contractor also made contributions to American Prosperity PAC.)

Previously, BlueOregon contributor Jon Perr covered the $10,000 contribution from indicted GOP leader Tom DeLay. Feldkamp has refused to return those funds or donate that amount to charity.

At the time, Feldkamp argued that "an indictment is not a conviction." Well, Cunningham's been convicted. It's time to remove the stain of his donation to your campaign, Jim, and donate that money to charity.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Well, Kari, delete gibberish if this is too far out of your bounds, but this thread looks to me too dead to suffer more and surely not from this. (Should there be occasional 'open thread' or 'open discussion' relief valves for collecting original uncoordinated comment material?) Perhaps this comment belongs in Russell Sadler's thread about the consumptive abyss of retailing 'this season;' or perhaps I could slant it to fit conterpoint in the Wyden thread, (he would limit domestic spying, contra, who would boost domestic (public) observation so more people stay better informed of the plain and open public goings-on we all are expected to know?), but Wyden is so over it is not worth paying mind to anything with his name on it; and perhaps, in my dreams, delight would be seeing this topical point have its own thread. Perhaps, and perhaps, and perhaps, creepy at this pettifogging pace, just get to the damn point ....

    So Liars Larson swore a blood oath on-air today (11/30), vested in some church preachers he relates to, that on December 19 he and they WILL erect in Pioneer Courthouse Square a Cross, universal symbol of struggle and limits and death. (Or, as the Firesign Theatre had it: "That's our sacred Cross, symbol of the quartering of the universe into active and passive elements.")

    Cross = Easter, crucifixion, death -- get it? Liars Larson says, No, itinerant, destitute, pregnant, animal barn, planetary signs, sacred birth = Cross -- Liars gets it, and by gawd HE (and his militant christian army) are gonna force it down all of our throats until we all get it the way he's got it and enforces it on us. Got that?

    Well, the comment is simply that by the way Liars starts in making his Cross a force in Portland's living room, Liars unmakes and loses it. It is not going to happen. He causes his own failure. The value in even noticing is that it is a wise lesson for us all. That we are, helped in our most wonderous gift of the mind, to think somewhat about our backwards life and behavior we set against ourselves; victor mentality and victim mentality coincident.

    Simply by astrological signs I see to say that no Cross is coming to stand in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Dec. 20.

    So here is then a brute force contradiction of him. Liars swears a Cross shall appear. I say not at all. And I say it is by Liars own fault and his own un-doing of it, that because, and the more, he forces it the less it is to be. It is unnatural. [Nota bene: Liars is Pisces, you see, symbolized by two strengths of life (fishes) moving in opposing directions (bipolar mentation).]

    I have nothing to do with the undoing. The first hypothesis to my mind of what could go wrong is that Liars becomes such a public shame and humiliation before the forecasted date, that his militant christian army of reverends-anonymous, they depart and abandon him ... kinda like Cunningham's indictment has caused Feldkamp to drop the money that betrays him to us, and try to go hide from the shame of his efforts in false enterprise and crime.

    Imagining how he goes wrong is a fancy; simply waiting to see what unfolds in reality usually brings thrills greater than fiction could imagine -- we can't make up goofiness this good. It could also be blog power gets demonstrated again, and written contradiction to Liars oath is a thing he stumbles across and trips over, kinda like the original gain of this thread might have done for Feldkamp if had aimed to get to Dec. 19 hiding from responsibility.

    And it could be that nobody else has or wants anything to do with Liars undoing, least of all even to hear of it. Which is understandable, and likely commendable, except that this time he targets my and everyone else's Public Square for some nazi-like enshrinement of his dementia of us and desecration of community. And, civilly, we are sort of expected to know what is going on, there, in our common and collective names.


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