Dignity Village?

Over at the Ridenbaugh Press, blogger Randy Stapilus is talking about Dignity Village.

To be homeless may often be equated with being helpless. But not in this case. Dignity Village, photo by portland groundDignity Village has been a community flashpoint for a while, but in considerable part because of its very existence - a specific physical location (unlike any other in the Northwest) where the problem of homelessness resides. But it has turned into something else: A community, which has actually set about starting to solve some of its own problems.

And Randy's asking some questions, too:

Is this a workable - or for that matter desirable - model for the homeless in other cities? Is this kind of organized community possibly a way out for the homeless? Or is the launch of a new kind of ghetto, with a new kind of segregation?

Head on over to Ridenbaugh Press to discuss.


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