Derrick Kitts: Right-Wing Rogue for Congress

It's official. Derrick Kitts is challenging David Wu in the First Congressional District. From the Big O:

Kitts said the race will offer voters a clear choice because he differs with the Portland Democrat on many issues, ranging from trade and taxes to immigration and property rights. "The harder thing is to find something we agree on," he said in an interview. "I think the congressman has time and time again voted wrong for the district."

His candidacy was originally discussed on BlueOregon back on December 21. Kitts also scored dead last in the annual Willamette Week "Good, Bad, & Ugly" ranking of legislators. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Kitts was also a WW Rogue of the Week last June.


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    This is also the guy who can't check to see if there are changes to the agendas of the committees he's on. You'd think by now that anyone who has served in the legislature would know that changes are constantly made, and it only takes a few seconds to check the web site and see if there are changes.

    As such, he missed a big chunk of public testimony on payday loans (Business, Labor & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee On Payday Loans) because he had scheduled something else and needed to leave to go to it instead.

    He had lots of questions to aim at people regarding payday loans, but left before all of the people affected by these loans could speak. What a way to act as if you care, ask big questions, etc. but never be there to hear the truth of the situation.

    An example is that he kept bringing up the fact that he didn't want to regulate payday loan places out of business, since they're obviously needed. However, he wasn't there to hear from people who paid more than 600% on loans-- in contrast to the 10-18% loans the credit unions had spoken on earlier in the day.

    He also brought up the fact that so very few people who get payday loans lodge complaints with the state. Well here were people loding complaints with the state legislature, and he wasn't there to hear them. As State Rep. Jeff Merkley said, the consumer complaint system is for when a business violates the laws-- this does no good when there aren't any regulations on these items.

    I think if people drive in from all over the state (including Portland-area people since apparently Minnis cancelled our hearing) to speak, the least he can do is sit there another hour and do his job.

    But then again, that's just me.

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    I should also note that even when he was "there," he was constantly out of the room and talking to others at the committee's table while people were speaking.

    I have a photo here from the hearing that clearly shows he's not there.

  • Democratic Strength (unverified)

    Republican farce on payday loans

    Great comment, Jenni.

    Just want to elaborate on two of your points, which have import beyond just Kitts:

    1." What a way to act as if you care, ask big questions, etc. but never be there to hear the truth of the situation."

    The entire hearing was a way for the Republicans to act as if they cared about payday loans.

    When something could have been done during the 2005 session, they killed payday loan reform (every Senate R voted against; House Republican leadership refused to bring to a vote). Now, during the interim when there's no danger of payday loan reform passing in the legislature, the Republicans hold a hearing to get credit for caring about the issue.

    2. "As State Rep. Jeff Merkley said, the consumer complaint system is for when a business violates the laws-- this does no good when there aren't any regulations on these items."

    Merkley did a great job exposing the red-herring argument that "few complaints have been filed."

    The same needs to be done with the industry's other main argument -- that bounced check fees are as high as payday loan fees.

    Last time I checked, bouncing a check was considered a bad thing, and banks don't have neon signs on street corners throughout the state saying "QUICK CHECK BOUNCING." There is not an entire industry built around encouraging people to bounce checks as a way to handle their finances.

    Essentially, the payday loan industry is admitting that they've built an entire industry on mainstreaming penalty fees.

  • pdxdem (unverified)

    I thought Golli was a bad candidate with her smear tactics etc. Kitts you have got to be kidding. I know kindergarteners that would make better opponents. Cant the Republican party put up a better candidate with out so many flaws or are they all flawed? hmmm

  • sasha (unverified)

    Good thing Wu has no obvious flaws. Except for that unfortunate sexual assault incident where he held a pillow over a girls face while he forced her to have sex.

    Certainly not as bad as what Ted Kennedy did (at least the poor girl survived) and it didn't seem to harm Ted's career.

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    echoing pdxdem--Wu's no giant of Congress, but if heroically ethnic Goli Ameri couldn't pull it off when Wu's sexual history was in play and the mood was still poor for Democrats nationwide, Kitts hasn't a chance in hell in November.

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    Ayup. There was an almost forensic investigation two years ago. The press, the Republicans, Screaming Lars Larsen, and everybody else did a thorough airing of Wu's dirty laundry.

    Stirring up that stuff again is a given, but you've gotta wonder if it'll give Repubs traction or (more likely) backlash.


    Rememeber that the "race track" story has been done to death already on our side. I'd like to see more examples like Jenni's regarding Kitts' cavalier attitude toward good governance.

    I'd actually like to see this one flogged in every race for either house.

  • Drunk Assclown (unverified)

    Kitts' go-kart track silliness is the least of his worries.

    The picture in this post is a shot from Court that came from the WW story on his drunk driving arrest...

    I'm sure that was just a youthful indiscretion and he's over his Drunken Assclownery.

    Oh wait, he spends his campaign cash at titty bars in WA. $75 bucks at a bar called Mugs N Jugs? Let's just be glad he didn't kill anyone when he was driving home...

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Derrick's favorite bartender is BEHIND the big man! Yea!

    That's it.

    Wu wins 87,983 to 2.

    Three if Mom's still kickin'!!

  • TheBushFactor (unverified)

    Don't you think underestimating Kitts might give him the same advantage that bolstered Bush in 2000 and 2004? If he says one smart thing now, people will think he's a genious.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Oh, yes, The Bush Factor, i.e. unlimited Republican corruption, vote selling, sliming heroes and the first indictment of a White House official in 150 years.

    I was gonna give Derrick Da Drinker an insider's guide to the bars and strip joints in DC, but "Abe Jackoff" will be a much better guide... when he gets out of jail in 20 or 30 years.

    With Scooter.

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    I'll be damned if this posturing, peabrain, wingnut nitwit is going to represent me in Congress.

    It's not happening.

  • CrimsonTide (unverified)

    Ahhh silly Democrats. Always resorting to name calling. After all, it worked on the playground, so surely it'll work in a room with a group of people in your circle.

    Good luck with your elevator pitch nonsense. You'll never make it past namecalling. As I look at the vastness of this Republican voting country (the 2004 red county map is especially comforting), it's no wonder a majority of Americans believe that Democrats have no ideas.

  • Pavel Goberman (unverified)

    Derrick Kitts for US Congress? If he sold state to own friend for own interests - he will sell our nation to our enemies. Bribery, corruption, political prostitution and selling our country (jobs are moving abroad). Where this nation is going to? And this country accepted is as normal. Why? These political garbage as Kitts, Wu, Wyden, G.Smith, Kulongoski, Dan Gardner and many more are violating the Oregon and US Constitution and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and no punishment, no accountability. In China is a Death Penalty for bribery, but in the USA is election and promotion for corruption. This nation get what it voted for. Think, read the Voters's Pamphlet before vote. Vote for me and I promise to work for YOU, the PEOPLE. The government must be by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE.

    Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Repres. 1st Distr.(against D. Wu) "Stop Political Prostitution!", P.O. Box 12664 Beaverton, OR 97075

    P.S. I do NOT accept "donations, contributions". P.G.

  • km (unverified)

    I'd like to see an alternative to Wu but, this isn't the guy.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Crimson Tide is right... red counties as far as the eye can see... with them po folks (red counties are poorest in USA according to standing their in the long, long jobless line with their hands out...po fools.

    They thought voting against gay marriage was gonna get them outta The Lars Larson Memorial Trailer Park.

    Nah, DEM presidents get jobs, not Republicans -- they too bust being put on TRIAL! See Enron, Scooter, Frist, Rush, etc,...

  • unblue (unverified)

    With all the name calling going on here I would have thought I was reading the bathroom stalls in a local elementary school!! Do you guys have anything better to do? How about getting some guts and running yourself if you don't like what's put out there before you...or are you more comfortable behind the stalls of the bathroom with your sharpie pen?? I support Kitts all the way. Young, confident, smart, proven track record...I'd rather have a DUI than a rape charge thrown at me anyday.

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    All of my comments refer to Kitts' record. He's "proven" to be just a party suit, inadequate and received the WW's lowest rating.

    Crimson Tide,

    "As I look at the vastness of this Republican voting country (the 2004 red county map is especially comforting), it's no wonder a majority of Americans believe that Democrats have no ideas."

    Bush lost. Your belief in the phantom 2004 red majority will be relegated to the same historical dustbin as the winsome beliefs of the flat-earthers.

  • Shantu Shah (unverified)

    Hold your horses. It's not yet general elections. Kits may not be challenging until after May 18. Kits and Wu have not filed as candidates for Representative in Congress. Wu may decide not be reelected.

    If Wu decides to file his candidacy, he will have to first oppose Shantu Shah who already has filed his candidacy as the Democratic Party candidate (htttp:// on February 6, 2006 with the Secretary of State, Elections Division, and get nominated by the Democratic Party in the primary.

    Let's not put the cart before the horses.

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