Gay Rights in Oregon 2006

Last week, covered the events of the past year with respect to Gay Rights in our state. Now, blogger Bryan Harding has a round-up of what the next year might bring.

Ladies and gentlemen we are no longer on the defensive. While we should never forget that we are and will continue to be under attack in some way or another - we will spend 2006 and beyond working for equality on our terms.

Our community is now more visible than ever before. The terms of the struggle have changed.

Mark my words: 2006 will be unapologetic, determined and strategic. It will prove to be a banner year in the fight for full equality here in Oregon. And, although we may not see that work result in visible victory in 2006, we will lay a foundation this year that ensures that we will win. What we do now will determine the next five, ten and even twenty years of Oregon's fight for equal treatment under the law.

The work is now within the movement, within the community. Oregon is ready - and we all need to demand nothing less than their full attention.

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