Is BlueOregon Down?

blueoregon admin

Obviously not, since you're looking at it.

We are, however, having some challenges with our hosting service - Apparently, some computers moved around, things got pointed in new directions, and we're now seeing some sporadic outages here and there.

(For the technically inclined, it's related to our DNS settings. It seems that some settings we set up last year to help point some servers in the right direction are now causing others to not see us from time to time.)

We're working on it. Thanks for your patience.

  • Typepad Ops Gnome (unverified)

    ... leaving comment here in hopes of contacting the correct people...

    To fix the problem you will need to change the DNS settings for to alias the Typepad base domain (in this case Using an alias, instead of referring to the underlying IP address will protect you in the future from such moves.

    Hopefully you received the form letter informing you of these changes. If not you have our apologies.

    Feel free to open a support ticket and we'll do our best to resolve this problem.

    Thanks Anonymous Typepad Support/Ops Gnome

  • Lilly (unverified)

    Have you ever considered releasing the identity of your funding sources?

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    TypePad Gnome -- Yup, we've done just that with our DNS settings last night. Of course, last time we did that, a bunch of small rural ISPs in Eastern Oregon were unable to see BlueOregon. We'll see what happens this time.

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    Funding sources? Funding sources?! Bwah-ha-ha-ha! We don't got no stinkin' funding sources!

    On a more serious note:

    As it says on every single page at BlueOregon...

    This site is published by Kari Chisholm at Mandate Media, but copyright to and responsibility for all posts and comments are owned by their respective authors.

    ...which is to say that BlueOregon is "funded" by Mandate Media. Of course, our hard expenses really are limited to a $15/month pro account with Soft expenses? That's my time. I've spent thousands of hours working on BlueOregon -- time that would otherwise be spent on billable client work.

    BlueOregon does, of course, have a positive marketing effect for Mandate Media (people see we're competent, yadda yadda) and we're learning a lot about online communities -- but, in the end, I'm spending WAY more time on this than can be justified by our bottom line.

    (And if you want to see Mandate Media's client list, dive on in.)

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