Scott Silver: Challenging Walden?

There's a new blog in Oregon, and they had a scoop last night. Loaded Orygun is a collobaration between bloggers Carla (from Preemptive Karma) and Torrid Joe (from AlsoAlso).

Last night's scoop: Loaded Orygun is reporting that Scott Silver - an environmentalist and activist from Bend - is considering running for Congress against Greg Walden.

So who is this man with the PR-ready name, and what kind of challenge does he pose should he declare? If you're either a believer in the sacredness of public lands, or a member of the 'recreation industry' who has a less idealistic view of wild country, you probably know Silver as a staunch defender of nondevelopment of public land, and a vocal critic of federal policies towards a "privatization" of federal turf.

Starting with a battle over ski tours with yurt camping in Three Sisters, moving to snowmobiling regulations, and finally with an organized campaign against the federal "Fee-Demo" program, Silver has become a champion of the outdoor elite and progressive non-profit alike. But he's also part of a larger culture of good-corporatism as a way to manage and preserve the commons, whether it be in an urban or rural environment.

Head on over to Loaded Orygun for the rest of the story. Discuss over there.


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