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Lately here at BlueOregon, there's been a lot of discussion about the diversity of views and voices around our little progressive "water cooler".

So, this is a reminder: If you think a topic needs discussion, submit a guest column. We can't promise we'll post everything, but if it's well-written, interesting, and local - well, your odds are good. Some of the guidelines:

* Priority will be given to columns with an Oregon angle, especially outside Portland. National stuff is already everywhere.

* We're looking for compelling and wide-ranging social commentary. Boring partisan rants can go elsewhere. Press releases will be auto-trashed.

* Length? Anywhere from a paragraph to 5-6 paragraphs. Not more.

* We'll look kindly on submissions that are web-friendly, with bolded phrases, links to more info, images (just include a link), etc.

* Be original. Stuff that's been recently covered on BlueOregon won't likely get published. Of course, if you bring a fresh perspective, well, that may grab our attention.

* Nothing anonymous. Also, you're responsible for the content of your posts. You own your words.

Want to be a regular contributor? First, submit a guest column or two. That's the way to earn your way onto BlueOregon.

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