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JoeyoutThe AP is reporting:

The Detroit Lions are parting ways with Joey Harrington after four turbulent seasons in which the former third overall draft pick went from franchise savior to fans' scourge.

Although he declined to say whether Harrington had been released, coach Rod Marinelli told reporters Monday: "We've made a decision to move on."

"At this moment, he's not with us," Marinelli said. "That's been my decision."

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  • Grant Schott (unverified)

    If only he'd been a Beaver, he would have turned out to be another Joe Montanta!

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    thank god he's out of that mess. what a terrible organization. anyone who's watched Joey over the years knows he's a quality person and could be a quality qb. it took Hasselbeck years to get as good as he is, and that was with a sane, well-run team. the Lions are a joke. Joey has been done a big favor, even if blowhard sports commentators will be dissing on him, too.

    as far as the Beaver thing goes, the list of successful UO qb's versus OSU is pretty long. not the best position to play at OSU if you want to be a pro.

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    Now, I'm just a USC alum, but I thought Joe Montana went to Notre Dame. Guess I should study up my OSU football history.

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    Sloppy reporting on your part.

    Harrington asked the Lions to let him go.

    One of the better articles on the subject.

  • Scott McLean (unverified)

    As a Lions fan I want to say that it really doesn't matter whether Harrington asked to be let go or the team cut him. Detroit has a long way to go before it will be a contender.

    But as most football fans realize, in the wacky NFL with the right quarterback and a few more players, the Lions could make the playoffs this year.

    What? Who said that...?

    <h2>Realistically, I don't believe what I just wrote. As much of a Lions fan as I am, it can all be summed up in one phrase: C'mon we're talking about the Lions!</h2>
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