Hey Gordon, Fire up the Jet! (again)

Over at the Senate Majority Project (a group dedicated to winning the 2008 Senate races), they've got this nifty headline:

Gordon Smith Joins Conservatives in Killing Real Lobbying Reform

And it comes with this story:

Senator Gordon Smith joined fellow conservatives in killing a proposal to create an independent ethics commission. ... Smith’s vote should come as no surprise to Oregonians, who remember the Senator taking a potentially improper lobbyist - paid trip to Ireland. ...

And why would Smith want an outside office looking into why he ranks 5th among current members of the Senate in corporate jet travel? Smith traveled on the jets of the US Telecom Association, which is in a heated fight over changing the nation’s telecom laws, as well as Florida Power and Light, Federal Express, Southern Company and Union Pacific. Most if not all of these companies have business before Smith’s various committees.

Dig in. Read the rest. Discuss over there.


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