The Atkinson for Governor Blog Network

The National Journal's Blogometer column covered the Oregon governor's race last week. In particular, they took a look at the role that blogs are playing in the GOP primary race -- and include BlueOregon contributor Kari Chisholm in the analysis:

The OR GOV primary is a few months off yet, but 1 group of bloggers cast its vote in the blogosphere nearly 6 months ago. It's called the Atkinson for Governor Blog Network -- in support of state Sen. Jason Atkinson (R) -- and while it's certainly not a new thing of itself, it is a new iteration of blogger activism. ...

Both the bloggers involved and the campaign tell us that communication between them has been minimal. Atkinson has made himself available to meet with bloggers in recent months, and some have taken him up on the offer. ..

But to what effect? As Chisholm puts it, so far "the Atkinson kids are just blogging amongst themselves."

And on the Dem side?

On the Dem side, there is comparatively little Internet activity surrounding embattled Gov. Ted Kulongoski. Portland Dem consultant Kari Chisholm's Blue Oregon is a popular clearinghouse for info on OR Dem politics, and Kulongoski gets mixed attention.

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