Tigard First! Larry Galizio Takes On Wal-Mart

LarrygalizioState Representative Larry Galizio (D-Tigard) has discovered that Wal-Mart is planning a new store in the Tigard area. While Wal-Mart is refusing comment, Galizio is organizing a group called Tigard First! to fight the giant retailer's effort.

Galizio sent a letter to Wal-Mart representatives, which is excerpted on the Oregon House Democrats blog:

“The people of Tigard deserve to know whether or not Wal-Mart seeks to occupy this prominent area within our city. They don’t want to be shoved off on a PR person or a development company. They want a straight answer from you.”

Head on over to the House Dems blog, which includes links to the Tigard Times and Oregonian stories. Discuss over there.


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