Women's History Month... the blog.

The City of Portland has launched a blog for Women's History Month. The blog invites all citizens of Portland to "Tell your story: be heard! Write about your life. Describe a Portland woman you admire."

The first post comes from our fair city's first lady -- Karin Hansen, the wife of Mayor Tom Potter. Some of her thoughts:

Who do I admire? Nichole Maher, Executive Director of the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland . She is young, smart, and loving. She understands the importance of community and personal and ethnic history. She works in a political world, but hasn't soured on it. She has hope. She inspires.

I believe it is the responsibility of all women to mentor other women, including the not-so-young. Like Nichole, we all have something great to offer, and, sometimes, it takes someone else to help us find that something, or to help us learn how to offer that great something.

Head on over to Portlandia's blog.

Post your own contribution there. Discuss there.


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