Darlene Hooley, "Are you high right now?"

HooleyoncolbertOn Thursday night, Steven Colbert - from The Colbert Report - conducted a heavily-edited "interview" of Oregon's own Congresswoman Darlene Hooley on national television.

Pretty damn funny stuff. Watch the video. Discuss.

  • Travis (unverified)

    I watch the Cobert Report almost every night. It figures the one night I miss it to do my Poli Sci readings cause I am a bit behind and they finally interview somebody from Oregon.

  • Michael Arrington (unverified)

    Oh, Travis, it was an excellent episode. Markos Moulitsas of dailyKos was the guest.

  • Madam Hatter (unverified)

    Even better was the Daily Show episode that aired right before Colbert. Jon Stewart really had McCain squirming!

  • Nolan Lienhart (unverified)

    If you thought that was funny, keep your eye out for the Blumenauer edition, recently filmed and due out shortly...

  • (Show?)

    I'm interested to see how much in the minority I am, but I thought Hooley looked like a dope. Kari says her people actually arranged the interview, which to me makes it even worse. The way to play along is not to argue over vegetables.

    But again, Kari says she's been flooded with congratulatory calls, so maybe it's just me. Here's the take from Loaded O.

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    Although I agree with torrid joe about some of Hooley's votes and positions, I thought that the interview was hilarious and that despite the fact that Hooley "asked for it" and "should have been prepared", the whole "Are you high now?" follwed by giggles and an actual covering of the eyes in embarassment made her seem very likeable and accessible.

    I have a lot of reasons to disagree with Hooley on policy issues, so this was kind of a relief for me; being able to laugh with her.....

  • (Show?)

    I'll repeat my comments from Loaded O.... it was an hour-long interview. It was sliced, diced, and spliced to maximize the funny - not maximize the journalistic integrity. Doesn't anyone else realize that Colbert is satire?

  • eric (unverified)


    <h2>All the reps he interviews come off looking like dopes, that's the schtick.</h2>
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