"Fighting Dem" Jesse Cornett featured at MyDD

Jesse150Over at MyDD, there's an interview with BlueOregon co-founder and State Senate candidate Jesse Cornett. He talks about his grassroots campaign:

We are doing absolutely nothing but talking to people through calling people and raising money; mailing to voters in the district based on the money we raise; every single night with very few exceptions I'm out knocking on doors talking to people, hundreds and hundreds of doors a week. I hit 200 yesterday. ...

We're using volunteers to do this. We're going to be calling voters. Once the fundraising goals are met, my day is going to be spent calling voters in the district personally. There's no other way to win this race than contacting voters through every means possible...

On the issues, Jesse mentions payday loan shops:

In Oregon, we have dotted all over the place payday loan stores. People can go in, so long as you have a job, all you have to do is show these people a paycheck stub and they'll loan you up to $500 dollars and they charge you $20 per $100. If you do the math on how much they charge you, it works out to 521 percent annual interest. It is absolutely outrageous. It's usury and it should be illegal. And that's one thing that I've been talking about. It's not a positive subject, but it's something that I've been talking about that people are very receptive to that I think we can go down and make absolute positive change for.

Read the rest. Learn more about his campaign and get involved at JesseCornett.com


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