Oregonian endorses Jesse Cornett

The Oregonian has endorsed BlueOregon co-founder Jesse Cornett for the State Senate.

Jesse Cornett is a young, smart liberal seeking his first office. ...

In Senate District 24, which includes much of east Multnomah County, the balance between political experience and promise tilts the other way. Cornett, 30, is a familiar face in the Capitol but a newcomer to elective office. His opponent is Rod Monroe, 63, who's been elected to office 12 times in a long political career that has taken him from the Legislature to Metro to school and community college boards.

Monroe is close friends with Sen. Frank Shields, the incumbent in this district who is not running for re-election due to illness. Monroe has all the experience in this race, but Cornett has all the promise and potential.

Cornett is on leave from his job as legislative liaison and senior policy adviser for Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. He's served in the Oregon Army National Guard and the Army Reserves, and as a reserve deputy in Multnomah County. Cornett is full of enthusiasm, energy and ideas, and Democrats should welcome his candidacy.

For more info about Jesse Cornett, or to join his campaign, visit JesseCornett.com. For more info about Rod Monroe, or to join his campaign, visit RodForSenate.com

The Oregonian also makes endorsements in the GOP Senate race between Larry George and Sen. Charles Starr - and the Dem Senate race between Sam Chase and Rep. Brad Avakian. Read the rest.

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    Congratulations on the endorsement, Jesse. I'm really getting a kick out of watching your campaign go. Keep it up!

  • Tim McCafferty (unverified)

    My Father's best parental talent was his diligence in my education, as I was raised in an affluent neighborhood in Scottsdale, AZ. The electorate was mainly Republican; Goldwater was at the height of his power at the time, though Arizonians hadn’t gotten so delusional as to elect the local car dealer yet. Jack Ross, a local Cadillac dealer used to run for governor every election, but not even the Republicans were nutty enough to vote for a car salesman for governor, yet!

    Democrats stood by the legendary Senator Mo Udall, an environmentalist before it was popular, and critical to the passing of the Clean Air & Water Act, as well as the Anwar Protection. These are examples of politically opposing forces that worked for their state, their country, their family’s future as patriots first, politicians second. They were partisan, they were idealists, and they were devoted to their beliefs as much or more than any of the leadership of today. They were different to the extent that the common good of the nation always took precedence; they weren’t as enamored with their power as to sell the country out to hold on to power.

    Republicans still believed that a roll for good governance was important, to the extent that they believed LBJ was over the top with the new social legislation they passed, they clearly saw a desperate need in the nation, and went along, for the common good.

    The core issue for our district is the protection of the schools budget revenue sources. The budget is squeezed beyond reason as is, the athletics departments have been gouged, the music departments still provide a good program on a shoe string, and social studies/civics classes seem to have been sacrificed at the alter of reading & math. These sorts of sacrifices are a disgrace to us all.

    We will be mumbling under our breath when our children are still in the household, powerless to help themselves in a growingly cerebral economy. One generation of grades of this sort of neglect could seal all our fates in the coming years economically at every facet of our lives.

    When we short change our schools, we short change our society at our own peril. I fail to see how the Republicans or Libertarians are benefited by a dysfunctional, uneducated next generation that won’t be able to compete in the coming year’s economy. I would further the notion that the Corporate Kicker is an example of shallow minds willingness to sell our future out for a short payoff. We need the leadership to lead as our democracy is capable of leading. We need the leadership to stand together on this the foundation of our future democracy, a well educated future generations.

    We need an over achieving, over indulgent budget for education, not a penny pinching, narrow minded, short sighted Tax fanatic forsaking our children for campaign contributions, and unnecessary tax relief.

    I support Jesse Cornett on this principle issue, and I would stand with whoever would fight to victory on an issue vital to our continued existence as a free enterprise, and democracy.

    Congrats to Jesse Cornett, keep the faith, we'll keep the light on for ya!

    Happy Thoughts;

    Tim McCafferty

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    we'll keep the light on for ya!

    Better yet - go make him a donation or sign up to volunteer... JesseCornett.com

    [Disclaimer: No surprise -- I built Jesse's website, but I don't speak for him or his campaign.]

  • Tim McCafferty (unverified)


  • Danny Haszard (unverified)

    I wish you sweet success,Danny Haszard

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    Now I know that Blue Oregon doesn't endorse, but can't we make an exception for one of the Founders?

    Now if Jeff were running, we'd all have to become anarcho-syndicalists or something, but this ain't a stretch at all......

    Go Jesse.........

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    <h2>BlueOregon doesn't endorse, but you're welcome to do so, Pat.</h2>
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