Poor Billy Sizemore

Anti-government activist Bill Sizemore is defending the folks convicted of criminal racketeering when they threatened the lives of doctors at an abortion clinic.

These three men protested at an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon and were sued by the clinic under the corrupt practices act. Now they owe millions of dollars they can never pay. None of them can ever own a home or a car or have money in a bank account without risking having it seized by the clinic, which holds the judgments against them.

He's also whining about the legal judgment against him:

Last summer, my wife and I sold a rental property, the only one we owned, and the unions used their judgment to seize all of the equity proceeds I had coming from the sale. Ouch!

Of course, his statements won't go unchallenged. Now, through the power of the internet, Sizemore's former aide -- Becky Miller -- responds directly to him. Over at Preemptive Karma:

Billy, it’s time for your first reality check of the day. Your friends actually did engage in organized crime and people died because of it. ... If they had merely engaged in “protesting at an abortion clinic” you might have a point, Billy. But four murders and public calls for more are a bit over the line. ...

Billy, again you need a reality check. You, with the assistance of your trusting staff (I know because I was one of them, as I'm sure you remember), on multiple occasions cheated on taxes, knowingly filed false campaign finance reports, knowingly submitted forged signatures on petitions, and repeatedly laundered money – and nearly all of it was at your direction and with your knowledge. ...

There's lots more where this came from. Read Becky Miller's post at Preemptive Karma.

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