Republican Gubernatorial Debate

On KGW last night, the Republican gubernatorial candidates debated. Watch it here.

From their coverage.

In their first debate to be televised statewide, Republican gubernatorial candidates Jason Atkinson, Ron Saxton and Kevin Mannix largely agreed on immigration, taxes and almost every other policy issue.

Questions: Which candidate do you think is going to make it out of the primary? Which one poses the biggest challenge? Discuss.

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    At the moment, there appears to be some trouble with KGW's video feed - but this is the link they've got on their home page. Presumably, it'll get fixed soon enough.

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    I hope they fix it Kari. I want to watch it just to see what they said.

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    One of them said they supported benefits for same-sex couples, but Abby was throwing a fit during the news segment and I missed it.

    The story on their site doesn't mention it.

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    Jenni, that would be Saxton. Mannix was amusing, proposing using Teacher Corps to address educational problems and retired State Police officers to deal with lack of troopers, the old and never successful, "I'll use volunteers." to solve the state's resource issues... empty rhetoric, nothing new, slimy, and good at spin. Contribution king, Loren Parks questions from the reporters didn't help Mannix either. Atkinson, well spoken, seems to resonate with some voters, in actuality offered no substance, but comes off deeply sincere, great soundbites, no there when you get there. The newly invented, former moderate Saxton sounded more hard Right than ever.

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    <h2>Thanks. All the more reason for me not to believe that he'd actually do that.</h2>
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