Sorenson complains about debate

Today's Oregonian reports that gubernatorial candidate Pete Sorenson is concerned about tonight's first gubernatorial debate, hosted by the Democratic Party of Oregon, and moderated by KPOJ host Thom Hartmann.

"I have a lot of concerns about how fair they're going to be," said Sorenson, who has had previous run-ins with party leaders. ... Sorenson notes that, until recently, Kulongoski's campaign office was in the same building as the state party office. Furthermore, the questions are being run through and approved by party leaders.

Those same party officials, Sorenson said, wouldn't let him debate Kulongoski -- or even give a speech -- during last summer's Democratic "summit" in Bend. He said he was told the party would not get involved in debates during the primary.


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    So now Sorenson is saying he doesn't trust Tom Hartmann to be fair?

    Gee, and I thought not wanting to answer questions was the big knock against Kulongoski.

    Does Sorenson want a real debate or doesn't he? That's what this really comes down to.

    That, and setting up an excuse to blame somebody else in case he utterly bombs.

  • LT (unverified)

    Either Sorenson can answer tough questions in a debate setting, such as "If you were governor, how would you handle....." or he can't. Would he have demanded more discussion of SB 382 or other tax reform proposals? Exactly what would he have done on that topic, or on the closed door budget hearings?

    If he can give bright, sparkling answers which amaze even his critics, it doesn't matter where the Kulongoski campaign office was, what he thinks of Hartmann, etc. If he fumbles such a question in public, it doesn't matter if the Sorenson campaign itself set up the whole thing and wrote all the debate rules.

    This debate is Pete's chance to shine. There are people who have voted for candidates because of what they said in debates. A friend of mine years ago got a nice card from a famous person in a debate audience because of something he had said which impressed the famous person.

    However, if any candidate "loses it" to the point Les AuCoin did in a 1992 debate where he remarked "Oh, waffle, waffle, waffle, let's get some butter and syrup for all those waffles", then it doesn't matter who set up the debate, what the rules were, etc.

    To use a cliche, this is where the rubber meets the road. If Pete does a great job at the debate, he deserves praise. If he flubs, no amount of claiming unfairness matters.

    My question for Pete: Many months ago on Blue Oregon, you said "what Oregon needs is a leader not a mediator" with no other details. Sounds like a soundbite or bumper sticker.

    Now, if Pete were to say "A leader not a mediator would have done---- in this situation because...." THAT would be impressive.

    But it is Pete's responsibility to answer questions, not our responsibility to like him because he is a great guy without his having to answer tough questions.

  • Soreloserson (unverified)

    Let's get this straight. Pete Sorenson requests for the party to host a debate with the governor and then when that is arranged, he criticizes the party for being involved? Is this early onset of paranoid schizophrenia or is Pete, ala George Bush, just hoping to lower expectations about his own abilities so he wont' appear out of his league with Hill or Kulongoski?

  • Bill Oreily (unverified)

    Mr. Sorenson,

    Don't Worry. Radio Hosts don't have an agenda to push.


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    How politically smart is it for Sorenson to represent himself as a first class USDA 100% whiner and perhaps a grudge holder just prior to debating Hill and Gov. Kulongoski this evening? Sometimes hanging around the good ol' water cooler can cause a person to belch.

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    It seems like both Sorenson and his supporters have gone on a "whining campaign" to complain about every injustice thrown at them.

    I agree with LT, either he does well in the debate or he will continue to struggle.

    <h2>I don't remember the Aucoin "waffle" comment, but it sounds pretty funny. MMM waffles!</h2>
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