Which candidate this year most inspires you?

Charlie Burr

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters -- the political arm of the environmental movement -- has a new blog. In one of the first posts, Executive Director Jonathan Poisner asks readers to survey this year's crop of candidates:

Voter Pamphlets have arrived. If you're like me, you didn't wait until the ballots arrive to read it.

Of all the candidates I read about, or know from having watched the campaign so far, the one that inspires me the most is Larry Galizio, who's running for reelection in Tigard to the Oregon House. Larry's a straight-shooter who really knows how to lead. You can read about him more at his website, larrygalizio.com.

Larry's work for the community inspires me.

Which candidate or candidates this year inspire you? And why?

Head over to OLCV to discuss.

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