Wyden calls for vote on Iraq

Senator Ron Wyden has demanded that the President come to Congress and ask for authorization to continue the War in Iraq. He's also called on Congress to vote up or down, if the President refuses to seek the authorization.

From the AP:

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden on Friday called for Congress to vote on whether to keep American troops in Iraq for at least three more years, as President Bush has said he intends. Wyden, a Democrat who voted against the war in 2002, said the vote would hold Bush accountable for presenting a realistic war plan and a budget for securing peace in Iraq.

"I rise today to offer a simple proposition: Congress should act like a coequal branch of government and vote on whether or not to keep American troops in Iraq for at least three more years," Wyden said in a speech on the Senate floor. ...

Wyden said Bush must address how the United States can help make the Iraqis self-reliant so that they can defeat the insurgency, how Bush intends to break the sectarian impasse in Iraq over forming a unity government, how he will rebuild the Iraqi infrastructure, and when he intends to bring U.S. troops home.

Read the full text of Wyden's announcement or listen to the full speech.


  • simp (unverified)

    This is good news.

    Its too bad that Kari has seemingly chosen to ignore the people that have pushed Wyden to take some action.

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    Huh? What do I have to do with this?

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    Bad Kari! Bad, bad bad!

    (I don't know what simp's talking about either...)

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    I really wish people would remember that BlueOregon has two other co-editors< Jesse Cornett and Jeff Alworth. Now that Jesse is running for state senate, Charlie Burr has joined us in posting these "in the news" items and other open discussions.

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    Not to interrupt...but can we talk about Iraq?

    That vote, if held, won't be about cut-and-run. It won't be about who comes up with the best spin. It will be about holding the President and Congress accountable.

    I suppose this is a good thing. But Wyden's "won't be about cut-and-run"...what is that all about?

    We invaded another country, more troops are dying every day...now it's time to get the good plan from President Bush? It's time for Donald Rumsfeld to give us the secret plan for success he's been otherwise holding out on us?

    Maybe we need to double what we're spending on this war? Triple the troop level? We need the plan that's going to work, that the Bush adminsitration has been holding out on us?

    We need "accountability" from the inept --and utterly corrupt-- Bush administration? We need "action" from a Congress too busy scoring perks, bribes, and trips around the world to remember that it's their job to declare war?

    Uh, sure.

    Can't we just end this foolish enterprise, end this occupation, bring the troops home and declare victory? Iraq for the Iraqi's, and all that?

    That's not "cut and run." That's the only viable plan for success. It ain't pretty, but nothing about this is.

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    That's not "cut and run." That's the only viable plan for success. It ain't pretty, but nothing about this is.

    This is a huge point, IMO. It deserves to be reiterated.

    "Cut and run" is GOP lingo...and progressives are absolutely TERRIBLE about picking it up and using it.

    That's one of the reasons we end up with an anvil around our necks.

    We need our own phraseology to talk about Iraq. Picking up theirs just makes our death sentence longer.

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    Biden on Maher last night was quite effective on this, I thought. He said if we thought we could leave it to the Iraqis to fight it out within the confines of their own border, let's pack up tomorrow. But there is a serious problem when Iran slides over one part of the border, Turkey moves in from another, and Israel starts getting VERY nervous. A regional war is a very real possibility in our vacuum, and that's something I hadn't considered.

    He continued, by suggesting an extremely valid challenge to the President: why are you doing town halls here? Why are you not on a plane between Jordan and Egypt and Israel and Lebanon and Turkey and yes, maybe even IRAN, talking to these people? Every single party I named has a strongly vested interest in avoiding a regional war, and that is the basis for avoiding one...but there has to be leadership, for God's sake.

    Maher made what is likely a very uncorrect thing to say, but his view is that Middle Eastern cultures are negotiators by habit, and there is value in setting a deadline (price), in order to force movement by the other side. Perhaps saying May 15th is the walkout price, can resonate. I'm not sure.

  • geno (unverified)

    "We need our own phraseology to talk about Iraq. Picking up theirs just makes our death sentence longer."

    How about: "gracefully exit"!

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    How about "partition", and use NATO to enforce the new borders. Turkey's a member and sending the kids to their corners for a "time out" worked very well in the former Yugoslavia...........

    The lovely but evil Condi was just over there a couple of months back, photo-opping the transition to phase II of the Daytona Accords.

  • Tammy Brotton (unverified)

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    Chris Simcox, President Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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    hello you are off topic!

  • LT (unverified)

    Tammy, Does it really reflect well on the Atkinson campaign (Google is a great way to find out such information) to post about immigration when the blog topic is Iraq?

    Does Atkinson only want Minuteman supporters to vote for him and not those who support the McCain/Kennedy or Hagel/ Martinez approaches?

    Perhaps you could also enlighten us on whether Atkinson agrees with the remarks of Cong. Walter Jones of N. Carolina (with a major military base in his district).


    Nation/World Congress turns up heat on war Urged: Pullout plan and debate

    April 6, 2006


    KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS WASHINGTON -- If Congress ever turns against the Iraq war, analysts may look back at this week as a turning point................. It's making Republicans in Congress more antsy," Republican strategist Frank Luntz said...................

    In the House, Republican Reps. Walter Jones of North Carolina, Ron Paul of Texas and Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland announced their support for a Democratic resolution that would force a 17-hour-long House debate on the war aimed at requiring a plan to get troops out.

    "There are those of us in both parties who want to meet our constitutional responsibility, and that is to discuss and debate the present and the future of our commitment in Iraq," Jones said.

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    I'm with you Chris Snethen,

    You get a troop drawdown of 10,000 to 15,000.

    You get a few heightened terror alerts.

    You get a runup of leaks and lies about Iran, and......?

    Any bets on whether said bombing will occur just before the '06 primaires, or if they'll wait 'til '08?


    I don't know if any of this will succeed in accomplishing the primary goal, which is to retain Republican control of all three gummint branches, but you'd be foolish to bet against it.

  • Tammy Brotton (unverified)

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    In the introductory chapter, Atkinson entertains the reader with a story from his early days of door-to-door campaigning when running for state representative. He writes, “And now, even eight years later as I run for Governor, I think about what I learned that day: We want practical solutions for complex problems, solutions which don’t rob us of our strength, our spirit, our independence.” so check out our blog more the mccain kennedy updates and for information .www.capitol3republican.blogspot.com

  • Tammy Brotton (unverified)

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  • LT (unverified)

    What I wish Tammy understood: This topic is supposed to be Iraq, not immigration or Atkinson.

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