Democrat in HD 57 withdraws

In House District 57, Nancy Wolfe - who won the Democratic primary election unopposed - has decided to withdraw. She has turned her support to Tonia St. Germain, a gender studies professor at Eastern Oregon University, who is also an attorney who spent five years lobbying the New York state legislature.

The incumbent is GOP State Representative Greg Smith (R-Heppner), an assistant majority leader. According to the East Oregonian:

Wolfe, 71, said she was a reluctant candidate and decided to withdraw a few weeks ago, but it was too late to keep her name off the ballot. “I think it would probably be better to have someone a little younger,” she said. ...

St. Germain said Tuesday she expects the Democratic party to appoint her, but she’s not sure when that’s scheduled. “We’re still kind of in limbo in my campaign,” she said.

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