Election Night Roundup

Charlie Burr

Just taking a break from Jesse Cornett's Election Day activities here, but wanted to post election night party information. There's still a full day's worth of phone banking/visibility/ballot pick-up/ect., but here's a partial list of Portland area Election night events. Other parts of the state should post here too.

Jesse Cornett for State Senate
1322 NE 118th Ave.
(503) 225-2040

Erik Sten, Portland City Commission Position 2
1945 NW Quimby
NEW Lucky Lab (NW Portland)

Jeff Cogen, Mult. Co. Commission
3969 NE MLK Blvd.
Hannah Bee's

Lew Frederick, Mult. Co. Commission
2808 NE MLK Blvd.
Billy Reed's (Upstairs)

Dan Saltzman, Portland City Commission
2808 NE MLK Blvd.
Billy Reed's (Downstairs)

Ted Kulongoski, Governor
128 NE 7th Ave.

Jim Hill for Governor
1730 Commercial St SE
SEIU Local 503 (Salem)

Tina Kotek
Historic Kenton Firehouse
8105 N. Brandon St., North Portland

And a bi-partisan After Hours party we can all get behind:
The Acme. Southeast 8th & Main. Midnight.
Here's to beating the Republicans in November. See you tonight!

Campaigns/Supporters-- Feel free to post info here. Then get back to work!!

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    Amanda Fritz Victory Party at Ecotrust, 715 NW 9th between Hoyt and Johnson, 7 - 9 p.m. on Tuesday. Speeches early, so get there quick if you want to see them.

    also, if things break well this could be a GREAT party...

    Join Superintendent Castillo, Rep. Brad Avakian, Rep. Larry Galizio, Rep. Chuck Riley, Rep. Mitch Greenlick, Suzanne Bonamici, David Edwards, and Kathy Harrington as they celebrate election night!!!

    Where: Hilton Garden Inn 15520 NW Gateway Court Beaverton, OR 97005

    When: 7pm-10pm

    Great company, delicious appetizers, drinks, and of course, constant television coverage!

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    I know a lot of the campaigns are pretty busy, so...

    Here's a link to all the election night celebrations for our endorsed candidates that we've pulled together thus far:


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    We're getting the Bus Project's vehicle out of its stable tonight for a madcap rush to as many parties as possible. Meet at Bus Central at 5:10pm. Contact merriah.fairchild at busproject.org if you'd like to come but can't meet up with the jolly crew until later in the evening.

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    More info on After Hours Party (from email):

    A new day. It's election day. But it's a primary election. Democrats have been beating up on Democrats, and that's been tough to watch (or be part of.) But at midnight tonight, it's a new day. The game starts anew, and it's time to start popping the bad guys. Nathaniel Applefield (from the Jesse Cornett campaign) and Meredith Shield (from the Sam Chase campaign) came up with the brilliant idea of a special Progressive Happy Hour -- tonight at midnight. (Love that great young talent!) So, whether your candidate won or lost, made it to the fall election, or not... after the victory parties, join us tonight: The Acme. Southeast 8th & Main. Midnight. Here's to beating the Republicans in November. See you tonight!
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    Update to the Bus Project Primary Party Tour (see above): It's kicking off at 5:30, not 5:10.

  • John Wykoff (unverified)

    Charlie Burr just saved me about 30 minutes trying to figure this all out. You sir, are an American hero!

  • Aaron V. (unverified)

    Xander Patterson's and Ted Wheeler's parties are at McMenamin's Kennedy School, 5736 N.E. 33rd Avenue, Portland.

    Wheeler's is in the gym/theatre; Patterson's in the Jordan Room.

  • Gary Hansen (unverified)

    The Gary Hansen for District 2 County Commissioner campaign will be joining other local campaigns at 1125 SE Madison tonight beginning at 7:30. Feel free to drop by…

    I also want to take a minute here to point out that this was one of the most civil and substantive primary campaigns that I have experienced in my twenty-four years in public service. Many people have pointed out that it is a shame that all four of us can’t be elected to the County Commission and I completely agree.

    Thanks to Lew, Xander and Jeff for the good debate and thanks to all of you who came out to the forums and events. Maybe I’ll see you tonight…


  • Jonathan Manton (unverified)

    Lane County Fairgrounds 8:00pm--?

    The Bus Project Lane County is hosting a table complete with straw poll to determine which campaign has the best spread. OLCV in the house, a trifecta of bearded JM's (one of whom apparently hates on Portland -- just kidding, JMG), and odds are good there'll be sightings of Arianna's Georgeous Men. It's the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. If you're in Lane County, bring your bad self on down to the Fairgrounds.


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    This just arrived from the DPO:

    Jim Hill SEIU Salem 1730 Commercial St. SE Salem Ted Kulongoski Campaign Office 128 NE 7th Ave Portland Pete Sorenson Lane County Fairgrounds 796 West 13th Ave. Eugene Brad Avakian Jeff Barker Suzanne Bonamici Susan Castillo David Edwards Larry Galizio Mitch Greenlick Tobias Read Chuck Riley Hilton Garden Inn 15520 NW Gateway Court Beaverton Mary Botkin Rose and Rain Drop 532 SE Grand Portland Mary Lou Hennrich Pilipino American Hall 8917 SE Stark Portland Ryan Olds Edgefield 2126 SW Halsey St Troutdale Jesse Cornett Jesse's Home 1322 NE 118th Ave Portland Rod Monroe Rod's Home 7802 SE 111th Portland Howard Owens 115 Rogue River Hwy#309 Grants Pass Brian Clem Paul Evans Campaign Office 1194 Center St NE Salem Chris Edwards Vicki Walker Lane County Fairgrounds 796 West 13th Ave. Eugene
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    Ben cannon: Flying Pizza Pie on Hawthorne.

  • Unfinished Business (unverified)

    Senator Ginny Burdick will be holding roaming election night festivities at the Arlington Club, Comcast, Gard & Gerber and the offices of Portland Business Association.

  • LMAO (unverified)
    <h2>Without Ginny on the City Council, it's just 4 more years of 5 white guys.</h2>

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