Gordon Smith. Flip. Flop. Flippity-Flop.

Yesterday, the US Senate passed the $70 billion tax cut - most of it going to the wealthiest Americans.

One fascinating tidbit from the Washington Post:

Republican Gordon Smith of Oregon originally registered a "nay" vote but changed to "aye" just before the tally was announced.

Call Smith's office and ask why:

DC - 202.224.3753
Portland - 503.326.3386
Pendleton - 541.278.1129
Medford - 541.608.9102
Eugene - 541.465.6750
Bend - 541.318.1298

Update: According to CongressDaily (sorry, not online):

Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., initially opposed the bill, but later switched his vote. Smith could be seen talking on the floor during the vote with Majority Leader Frist, Grassley and Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss. Senate aides said Smith objected to a provision that would mandate 3 percent withholding from payments to federal, state and local contractors.


  • Kevin (unverified)

    As I just pointed out over at Loaded Orygun, one of the most appalling aspects of this tax cut bill is the money. The WaPo on Wednesday pointed out at the top of their piece that the price tag for this bill is approximately $70 billion. Which just happens to be the same figure that Republican leaders claim that their earlier tax cuts have reduced the national deficit forecasts by.

    So, they've not even received the alleged $70 billion increase and they're already trying to spend it.

    The entire thing is one grand dog&pony show.

  • nader (unverified)

    What ever happened to the "fiscal conservatives" in the GOP? I guess they're satisfied being "conservative" on social, environmental, and foreign policy issues...

  • Larry (unverified)

    They are conserving their (and their big dog donators') finances by keeping more of their money for themselves, and away from tax collectors. Hence 'fiscal conseratives'.

  • Kitty C (unverified)

    OH-The moaning and groaning of socialist as they decry the reduction in taxes from the productive citizens. You guys are soooo predictible. Well-I for one do not intend on working for you-just for me and my family. Yep, I'm selfish and lovin it. I'm smarter than you too.

    Best wishes,


  • (Show?)

    Shorter Kitty: "with liberty and justice for me, fuck you."

    And I don't see a damn thing that's "productive" about sitting in your leather chair watching stocks go up and interest accrue...

  • (Show?)

    Will we hear "I actually did vote against it before I did vote for it"?

  • red (unverified)

    I worked at the state capitol...it's not all that unheard of for a legislator to change their vote.

    get over it.

  • Amanda (unverified)

    So, Kitty, you are smarter than me? Well then, I'm sure you can figure out how to fund the Secret Service that protects your money from being counterfeit. And how to fund law enforcement to make sure no one steals it from you. Unless you intend us to return to the good ole days of hired guns. Even then, how do you presume to protects from hackers, since most money is electronic. Though, again, you intend to return to the good ole days. Gold standard all the way!

    The point of all this is that people need to pay taxes in order to pay for their, and their children's, defense. You might not agree with what the best line of defense is, I certainly don't, but we must agree to fund it. If we stop funding things now, how will we ever start funding them again? The dispensation (sp? - I don't have spell check right now)of the funding what we must fight for. Therefore, in case this is to confusing, I know it doesn't make much sense to me right now:

    Tax Cuts=Bad Funding=Good Moral Funding=Better

  • john (unverified)

    Once again the GOP shows that it puts it's own agenda before the people they were elected to serve

  • Pavel Goberman (unverified)

    US Senator Smith is playing a political game: to show his "loyalty" to this nation, but not to his donors, voted "nay" on $70 billion tax cut for wealthiest American, know that in the end will vote "aye". And he did it. "Changed" his mind? Oh, NO! This political garbage could fool someone else, but not me. He is paying back to the donors in the past and in the future in 2008 He raised now a lot of money for 2008 run (against me). It is very possible I will be elected now as US Repres. 1st Congr. Distr. and in 2008 I will run against this Political Prostitute.

    Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Repres. www.getenergized.com/vote.html

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