Multnomah results slow to come in...

Anna Griffin just reported this on the Oregonian's politics blog:

John Kauffman, Multnomah County's elections division director, said his office still has about 3,500 ballots to process plus an unknown number of ballots to come from other counties with small pockets of Portland residents.

Many of the 3,500 ballots were unable to be processed through the counting equipment and will have to be duplicated and reprocessed, Kauffman said this morning. Kauffman said it is unlikely that the final results will be known today. "We have 20 days after the election before we can certify," he said.

It was in a story about the Burdick/Sten race, but might have implications for the Cornett/Monroe race as well.

  • anonymous (unverified)

    Realistically this isn't going to matter, assuming those 3500 ballots are distributed anything like normally throughout the county, and that Rs, Ds, and others are normally represented. (Remember, those 3500 aren't all Dems)

    So far there have been 129,658 ballots counted in Multnomah Co. Of those, there were only 7396 votes cast in the Cornett/Monroe race. That's basically 5.7%.

    So realistically, there will probably be barely 200 more votes cast in that race from among those 3500 ballots.

    Jesse would probably have to get 90%+ of the votes cast to catch up, which obviously is not at all realistic.

  • Karen (unverified)

    I noticed some other anomolies too. In particular, while watching the Dist. 44 returns, I saw that Tina Kotek was at 1,078 at 8 PM, but at 8:45 PM had dropped to 1,060. The other candidates' tallies shifted up and down a few votes as well. Is that normal?

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    I concur with your analysis. It's over.

  • David (unverified)

    New #s from Washington County in HD 27:

    Results now are:

    Tobias Read: 2688 Mike Bohan: 2611

    And they say every vote doesn't count? I think Tobias is still going to get this one but this is close. Although it should be noted not close enough to trigger an automatic recount. Under ORS 258.280, "(1) The Secretary of State shall order a full recount of the votes cast for nomination or election to a public office for which the Secretary of State is the filing officer, and the county clerk who conducted the election shall order a full recount of the votes cast for nomination or election to any other public office if the canvass of votes of the election reveals that:

      (a) Two or more candidates for that nomination or office have an equal and the highest number of votes; or
      (b) The difference in the number of votes cast for a candidate apparently nominated or elected to the office and the votes cast for the closest apparently defeated opponent is not more than one-fifth of one percent of the total votes for both candidates."
    <h2>Any elector in HD 27 may request a recount at the cost of $15 per precinct to the person making the request. HD 27 contains about 20 percincts so the cost of this would be around $300.</h2>
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