Roey Thorpe leaves Basic Rights Oregon; goes national

Over at the BRO Blog, Basic Rights Oregon director Roey Thorpe has announced that she's taking her fight for gay marriage to the national stage:

At the end of June, I will be leaving BRO to become the Program Director for Freedom To Marry, which is a gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide. In many ways, I'll be continuing the work I've done here at BRO, helping state and local organizations build capacity and work together for a very important cause.

Some of you may wonder, why now? Is there a reason you are leaving at this moment in time? For over two years, the director of Freedom To Marry, Evan Wolfson, and I have talked about me joining their team, and the time now seems right because BRO as an organization is stronger than ever...

Read the press release at BRO's site, and read the rest of her personal announcement on the BRO Blog. Discuss over there.


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