Thom Hartmann on the JFK Assassination

Tonight, the Discovery Channel is airing an NBC documentary featuring local KPOJ radio host Thom Hartmann -- in which he makes new allegations regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

He's recently co-authored the book Ultimate Sacrifice that outlines a plot by the Kennedy Administration to invade Cuba on December 1, 1963.

From the announcement:

In "Conspiracy Files: JFK Assassination" Hartmann shows for the first time on TV declassified CIA documents about a top secret JFK plan to stage a coup against Fidel Castro that was set for December 1, 1963--just ten days after JFK was to return from his trip to Dallas. The CIA codenamed their part of the coup plan AMWORLD, and it was completely withheld from the Warren Commission and all later Congressional investigating committees.

One reasons for all the secrecy was because Mafia bosses from Chicago, Tampa, and Louisiana-East Texas managed to infiltrate the AMWORLD coup plan. The Mafia bosses were being prosecuted by Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and they used parts of AMWORLD in their attempts to assassinate JFK first in Chicago (three weeks before Dallas), in Tampa (four days before Dallas), and finally in Dallas. The Tampa attempt was also withheld from the Warren Commission and Congress, and is revealed on TV for the first time by Hartmann and Waldron.

It's airing at 9 p.m. tonight (and again at 1 a.m.) on the Discovery Channel. Discuss.

  • Conspiracy Theorist (unverified)

    So the Mafia killed JFK? How original.

  • Confused (unverified)

    Huh? I didn't see the show last night. Why did the mafia kill JFK if he was going to support a Cuban coup? All their "investments" were tied up by Castro -- they wanted a coup, right?

  • Gabe V. Kjos (unverified)

    Confused - that's exactly what other researchers who disagreed with Hartmann's assessment said. It can be easily argued that the Mob wanted a coup because they would recieve alot more power with Castro out of Cuba, so why would they have wanted Kennedy dead if he wanted to get rid of Castro. While this was an interesting program, it seemed the authors stretched the truth and made stretched inferences as well about facts no one will ever know about.

  • Levon (unverified)

    Was Tony Soprano involved too according to Mr. Hartmann?

  • LMAO (unverified)

    It was the Sasquatch, from the library, with a rifle disguised as a candlestick.

  • wj (unverified)

    I'm fairly sure that whoever posted this got confused and thought he was on Portland IndyMedia, and that he would just have to sit back and wait for the rapturous applause. Personally I think it was Mr. Green in the drawing room with a fireplace poker.

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