Two Independent Gubernatorial Candidates Likely to Qualify for Texas Ballot

Just two days after Carole Keeton Stayhorn (I) turned in 223,000 signatures to qualify for the Texas gubernatorial ballot, Kinky Friedman (I) turned in nearly 170,000 signatures today according to Reuters, thousands more than the 45,540 he needed. Of course, it will likely take a few weeks to validate each candidate’s signatures.

Kinky had a pretty amusing web cartoon about qualifying for the ballot as an Independent here. Also, Democrat Chris Bell has been running a pretty sophisticated web campaign himself.

Oregon's not Texas but national trends at least point to a likely three way race in the general. Discuss.

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    Is it too late to write-in kinky for Oregon guv? ;^)

  • Kevin (unverified)

    I think a three-way race is good for Oregon. Democracy is about choices.

  • Bert (unverified)
    <h2>I've long held that a 3rd party is going to be what's necessary to bring a little law and order back to Congress, the 'good congressman/bad congressman' gambit has just gotten us trillions in dollars in debt, and every year further and further away from ANY kind of public accountability, which is apparently a much-scoffed-at topic in Washington, these days. I guess the other way it can go is that eventually it'll just be a matter of a self-anointed pay-raise too far, followed by dollar divestiture around the world, at which point it'll definitely suck to be us, and the world will stand there asking 'hey, american voters, why didn't you DO anything back when you still had a chance?' I guess the up-side is that the dollar will be 1-1 with the ruble, and our government styles will have a lot in common, not because russia changed, but because 'we' did...</h2>
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