Will Gordon Smith Respect Oregon Voters?

Charlie Burr

DeathIn the last two out of three election cycles, Oregon voters have rejected ballot measures to limit their own jury rights. In both 2000 and 2004, Oregonians sent a clear message that patients and consumers have a right to their day in court -- but now those rights are being threatened by the Republican majority in Congress.

As early as Monday, the U.S. Senate may vote on s.22 – a measure that limits rights of grievously injured malpractice victims and does nothing to regulate the insurance industry or strengthen patient safety. There's nothing "new" about s.22 -- it's just more political gamesmanship designed to weaken our civil justice system and limit consumers' rights.

Call Senator Gordon Smith in Portland at (503) 326-3386 or in D.C. at (202) 224-3753 and urge him to respect Oregon voters by voting NO on any measure that limits patients’ rights.

Get more info here and here. And a gruesome reminder of why it matters here.

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    [Disclosure: In 2004, I worked with the coalition of consumer, health and labor organizations that defeated Measure 35 -- the medical malpractice initiative. Also, the website was powered by Mandate Media.]

  • Joel Shapiro (unverified)

    Aside from respecting the wishes of his constituents (as Sen. Wyden does on Death With Dignity), if Sen. Smith votes in favor of S.22, I'd like to hear a compelling argument for how limiting the right of victims of practitioners like Dr. Patel to receive full compensation for their injuries is going to serve any public policy purpose.

    There has yet to be any evidence that limiting damage awards has any correlation with controlling Dr's insurance premiums (which are driven mainly by the stock market.) In fact, the proponents of "tort reform" have admitted as much under oath. So if Gordon Smith does not oppose S.22, I'm going to expect a really good explanation!

  • scott (unverified)

    Smith has already shown that he has no respect for Oregon voter's. He claimed he wouldn't let his religious convictions color his service, yet he managed to ignore Oregon voters (following TWO votes) about assisted suicide. The majority voted (TWICE -- I can't say that enough) and he worked against us, proving himself a liar and anti-voter as far as I'm concerned.

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